Left of Center: By Yukkione: Henry Rollins Show
Henry Rollins Show
Thursday, April 27, 2006
Time : 11:08 PM

Did you know that Henry now has his own show. New ones every Saturday at 10:00. He does alittle rant then an interview. Yes it's the Henry we know and love, raw, intelligent, real. If your lucky enough to get IFC (Independent Film Channel) you should check it out.
Check out the performance of Ben Folds here, doing All U Can Eat. A great commentary on American excess.

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Comments for Henry Rollins Show
Love him!!! I didn't know he had a show. Hm.

It's a good show, nothing fancy. like Henry.

don't get me wrong, i'd like to get busy with him BUT i am one of the few people i know that think he's actually FULL O' SHITE. i really do think he's just a bag of wind

He' been making some waves lately... good to see he's still around.

Rose.. get busy? Like plant a garden busy? or Do the laundry? Sure he's full of shit alot, who isnt, but it is the conviction with which he is full of it.

He makes me laugh. He's actually overly 'deferential' to his guests (read 'ass-kisser'), I think, but then he only has them on because they agree with him. Oh, that's probably not true. I'm being too hard on Henry. His hard ass photo posing cracks me up. Used him in my collage "SUICIDA: Hot For The Cold War". He was perfect.

OH Rose, I know EXACTLY what kind of busy you mean. And it would not require any of that spoken word...

Who cares if Henry is sycophantic. Watch him with the mute button on then. You'd be surprised how that can improve them.

i like that commercial he did when he revved up an engine until it blew up and said that is what meth does to your body. Since then, i have almost completely stopped freebasing.

I love Henry, and not just because he's huge and buff and sweaty and loves to jump around on stage... sigh... but mostly because his spoken word is so wonderful. I have to check out this show. Hadn't heard of it. Thanks for the heads up. Have a great weekend.

Henry and I are gonna move to Ecuador. He can have his show for now, I'll wait. He'll come to his senses.

I am lucky enough I will check out Rolinns' show! Thanks, Left of C!

Or "Rollins'" depending on how much coffee you have had to swill.

Pretty boy of brooding eyes. Blah, blah.

The most I know of him is when he's in a movie...and usually playing a hard nosed jerk. His brow is a little heavy though...like caveman heavy.

My daughter Krystle used to have one of his cds where he was singing, if you could call it that....

I love hard nosed cave men.

get busy as in eff his brains out - THAT get busy. but i think you knew that you scamp you.

i have heard him make disparaging remarks about women and i don't like that AT all. i am not a very forgiving person

Well If he has done that, I cant abide.

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