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The Nation in the Mirror
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Time : 4:11 PM

Much has been made of late of the leaking of information regarding the use of ``extraordinary renditions''. (the kidnapping of a person and transporting them to another country to be interrogated and face possible charges.) Recently a career CIA officer has been accused of leaking information on rendition practices and fired. The European Union cites over 1000 undeclared flights by the CIA. Our government conceded that 100 to 150 people have been seized in such actions. For me those numbers don't add up and and also do not speak of the number of flights and people not documented in less litigious areas of the world. Why is it that we can do things in other countries that would be illegal here? Why do the laws of other countries become unimportant when it concerns US operations? To be sure, it's without doubt that these efforts have taken some very bad people out of circulation, but at what cost? As the preeminent nation of law, our actions stand in bold contrast to what this nation has historically stood for. Yes nit pickers can cite many violations of law and human rights over the two centuries of our existence, but for all that, we do stand in stark contrast to other nations in the world. So here we are... the most powerful nation in the world, and unlike so many of our predecessors we are in fact admired by many people around the world. How long will this last as we take it upon ourselves to kidnap, torture, hold without charges, start unprovoked wars, and violate native peoples for our own corporate enrichment? Electing a Democratic congress may go along way to help us, but it should only be a start. We need to reevaluate our purpose, and commit ourselves to be better world leaders. Our empire won't last forever, and our place in history is yet to be written.

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Our empire won't last forever...and you know to whom we can give our thanks for that!

Yes, we have turned into everything we accused the Russians of being just a few short decades ago. The horror that we all feared has now become acceptable as long as we call it something else. It's...freedom fries!

Oh, Georgie must like his little spy games, huh? "We got secret prisons, and secret planes. We torture 'em over there so we don't have to torture 'em over here! But don't tell anybody. If you tell anybody I'll fire yer ass."

It will take some tough measures and a long time for us to regain our standing in the world as a nation of laws. I don't know who can do that but everyday we lose more ground and we still have over two years of losing to go.
It's sad and so damned frustrating.

i don't care WHAT anyone says

'extrodinary renditions' is the sacrament you get just before dying (in the catholic church, or make that the church of king george)_

I am afraid my friend that GW has squandered the hope of our love and envy. It is amazing that in less than five years GW has squandered almost all of our earned respect. There is none left to speak of. If we continue to erode this fortune of ours it will be inevitable that a cloud setles over this country of daunting proportions...

I like how they are "punishing" this lady by firing her 10 days before her retirment, although letting her keep her pension. Does that really sound like getting tough on leaks, or more like looking like getting tough on leaks? The icing on the cake is, and I bet they didn't expect this, her public denial of leaking classified stuff. I hope they are dumb enough to go through with pressing charges on her, you think Saddams trail is an embarassing circus...lol.

your right Fred. then there is the Condo leak thing. We'll see how that plays out.

Hey LOC did you hear Democracy Now today on this?

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