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I Got an MRI Today
Thursday, April 27, 2006
Time : 2:50 PM

So I had an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging ) today. Probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences of recent memory. I'm having it done because I'm sick of having chronic lower back pain. I'm a big guy with broad shoulders, the tube in the MRI machine in narrow. I had to scrunch in my shoulders to slide into the tube, head first. As soon as I got in the I realized I was completely encapsulated, I couldn't breath the machine was so tight around me. I nearly freaked out. I told the tech to let me out. It was horrible. I was suppose to stay in there for nearly 40 minutes, getting a shot of dye half way through. So they told me I could go to another location with whats called an open MRI. I did, and while the machine is not totally encasing you, it is still tight around your mid section and you cannot move at all for over 40 minutes. Needless to say five minutes into the session I developed an itch...I hope you never have to have one of these.

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I have. But I was lucky. I was put in feet first to have my knee checked on...and went inside up to the neck/shoulder area. I'm not claustrophobic...but I thought I'd never get out. I kept thinking this will be when the BIG one hits California and the technicians will run out and leave me here...the cads!

OH LOC I'm sorry. Sounds like hell. I thought open MRI's were...open? I hope you don't have to go through that again. Go get a massage now!!! What an ordeal. Back pain is horrible, wrecks life. I pulled a disc once (ok, nothing glamorous, I lifted trash wrong at a bakery!) but it was this lingering ache... makes you not want to move but for me that felt even worse. And then when you DO move... Well maybe you can be fixed up and healed. I hope so!

I had to have one as well, because of back problems, but they gave me a xanax before I went in, and they let me listen to music (I picked Artie Shaw)so I relaxed and closed my eyes and remembered that at least I didn't have to go into work that day. Of course, ever since, I've become more aware of small spaces and have slight panic attacks on elevators..and my back still bothers me at time. Isn't modern science wonderful?

Panic attacks in close tight spaces here guys are drilling in your ear are common. I've had both and reccomend the open kind. I also reccomend accupuncture for lower back pain. And crunches. Strengthening the stomach muscles helps the back tremendously. I was in a bad car accident, a full dump truck didin't see me and hit me going 55 mph. And I no longer have any back pain.

You know what- my Dad went through this weird phase and he got certified in acupuncture just for the hell of it, and I was skeptical- until he did it! Now I am much more open about all kinds of things that I was an idiot about before. (too many things to name)
But of course the system does not often pay for acupuncture but they WILL pay for oxycontin, etc. which is addictive and damaging.

i DID have to have one and i too got an itch (well way more than one).

they made me as comfortable as possible with a pillow under my knees and all sorts of things. 30 seconds in and i already had pains in my legs and back and itches and oh my oh my oh my BUT I DID IT! i figured if i didn't do it THAT time, i'd just have to go again and i didn't want that to happen. i didn't want to take ALL of my jewelry off and/or out yet another time.

did you know you can be sedated BEFORE an mri? some people (like my dad) requested that. good to know if there IS a next time (hope not)

please let us know the outcome of the mri

will do.. I wish this was something acupuncture could help.

I wish you would seriously consider acupuncture, now that it's not only ME suggesting it...there is tremendous value in this ancient practice.

Amy- deep tissue massage too, with warming oils. It really does help pain, and increases blood flow.

The MRI noises always reminded me of an avant-garde rock concert. That funky thump, thump, thumpitty. At lesat, that's what I try to tell myself when I'm stuck in there!

Best of luck with your back pain. No fun.

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