Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sopranos Episode 7
Sopranos Episode 7
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Time : 12:07 PM

Spoilers in comments.

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Comments for Sopranos Episode 7
hmm Why the whole episode around Artie Bucco? Benny was pretty stupid to work a credit card scam it Artie's place. In all a rather disatisfying eposode.

Don't you post this on Mondays? I still don't watch it. I can talk about marital aids some more though.

But you did a nice job on Pink Oz.

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Oh Mrs Branford.. please do. lol
and Thanks, I still dont think her site works correctly in IE. Will figure it out though.

tony really would have whacked benny normally. why he didn't even punish him is unbelievable.

yeah the whole episode about artie was a bit tedious. still a few funny lines here and there. at least there was NO a j

i'm sorry about your back and the painkillers (or lack thereof) but i am most sorry for your lack of sleep. i am a chronic insomniac and i don't wish that on ANYONE. if you're able (your stomach that is) take a tylenol pm. some people i know swear by them.

i used to use tryptophan (sp) but they took it off the market. why you ask? why? because someone died. they found out the manufacturer was NOT in the u.s. but they still pulled them off the market. it's a natural amino acid and guess what? IT'S AN ADDITIVE IN BABY FORMULA. it's ok to give it to babies but NOT adults? damn the fda. damn damn damn them

oh, sleepytime tea with a bit of honey (or REAL maple syrup) is good too

i hope your insomnia leaves you soon. of course i hope your back gets into shape as well

ah thanks Rose, tryptophan is also found in cooked turkey. :) I think the thing with Benney will escalate and someone will get wacked for sure. one would think my wife the witch would have some kind of herbal thing that would help. I'm afraid to ask though ... arsenic cause sleep too.

"who would like a martina?"

A Martina?

"Yes, A martina. It is an Albanian Martini, that goes down easy"

God what a show Sunday night

The last couple of episodes have centered around 1 single character. It seems as if there are more throw-away episodes this year than ever.

I see what you guys are saying about hyper-focusing on individual characters. My guess is that they're leading up to some huge tie-in, like any good soap opera does.

Plus, Tony's patience with everything and everyone has to get reinforced as post-surreal near-death experiences have to take their toll. Maybe.

Just a thought.

I think Tony didn't have Benny punished permanently/non-permanently because B is a good killer for their team. He'll do anything...no questions asked...eagerly. Artie is frustrated in a plethora of ways that should fit in nicely in the future. Poor Artie!

mr l o c, i too am a witch which i am sure is not surprising to you

i am stregha and my noni taught me about herbs and such as a child. THEY DO work. i.e. where did aspirin come from? white willow bark a native american remedy

(valerian and passion flower are two sleep aids i DO recommend)

The best part was when Artie opened a can of whoop ass- unlike the last time when he got his ear bitten off (or was he the biter?)

No Vito this episode whatsoever- that was weird too.

AJ is a piece of shit. I hate that kid. His sister is featured in MAXIM magazine this month- check her out!

Listen to Rose. I should listen to Rose. I sleep two hours a day I think. Why did I stop listening to Rose? Rose has fine taste in Doc Martens.
All this witchery and marital aids about, something should present a hopeful remedy. let me know when you find one. So far watching Boondocks reading heavy metal magazines and trolling blogarama looking for weird stories has not helped me sleep. Last night I was reading about bloggers that make their own candles... I'll need these skills when I am off the damn grid.

Well, when Chritopher socked Lauren Bacall and stole her goody bag I had to laugh!

Oh yea Neil, when they ripped off Lauren Bacall I was laughing at what a punk thing to do. I mean, those guys were all but slobbering over those bling bags.

Just caught up with eps 5 and 7 last night (accidentally saw the Vito-centric 6 first, so the flow has been very Tarantino-esque). I don't mind the more character-centric episodes this season, but this one was my least fave of the bunch. Still, it had some stellar moments (Ghandi visits Soprano land, the socking of Lauren Bacall... more on that in a sec) and it continued to display Tony's growing post-shooting attitude of "I feel your pain" rather than bringing the pain as the first reaction (i.e., suggesting to Artie that he visit Dr. Melf). Which of course will all end in tears and blood eventually.

Now, to LB: back in the early 90s, I worked at a salmon gift store in the Pike Place Market here in Seattle, and Ms. Bacall came in one dreary November night just before we were to close. My college freshman counter colleague had no idea and was trying to push her out of the store, but I stepped in and savored the moment (and upsold her to some King salmon fillets). Even gave her access to the super secret employees bathroom, to which she told me I was "a fine young man."

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