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Spin on this
Friday, March 03, 2006
Time : 5:32 PM

I would like to direct your attention to this article by Paul Craig Roberts entitled How the Economic News is Spun. I'm no economist, I hold no advanced degrees, (Come to think of it I hold no degrees) but I think people should be aware of this. I know first hand that the economy is not as rosy as the administration would have us think. I know they are lying. Reading this just further enforces my thoughts. You see, when we are lied to, it's always done with just enough truth to keep the typical American filled up with feel good fluff. We're given positive employment numbers, but the new jobs are worse than the old ones. they don't tell us that. People who have been unemployed for an extended period of time aren't even counted. People who make hamburgers are in manufacturing. It's all crap. Currently our economy is being fueled by housing, the bulk of new jobs are in contruction, financing, insurance, etc. These people then buy a house. The housing market blooms. At what point do the ones that want a house have one, the new home orders dry up, and the whole pyramid collapses? Foreign nations aren't buying our debt as they once did. Oil producing nations are going off the US petro dollar. So many woeful signs that are economy will soon be a wreck, and we have ourselves to blame. Why? Because to many people carnival issues like gay marriage and abortion made them vote for people who did not have their best interest in mind, and are clueless on economic issues. Because we have politicians that are so indebted to corporations that they can't vote against corporate interests no matter how short sighted and harmful. Because we elect people like Tom Delay who only want to further their own interests. Because we're to busy talking on our cell phones, and watching reruns of friends to pay attention to what’s going on.

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Hey, I had that. The ALBUM. I can't believe how long ago that was.

I agree, I think they do mislead people with the numbers, and it gives people the sense that everything is fine but we know better. And fancy degrees don't make a person smart, like I've pointed out- Bush went to Yale. I have degrees and find myself to be quite uneducated to the point where I feel like now I am trying to undo years of brainwashing and lies. Education is worthless if it doesn't teach you how to think critically, I'm appalled by what I used to believe.

hey, thanks for your support of Corruptco, I know you read the posts and I think its great that you got into the 'spirit' of disgust. You too can be...an Alpha Fuckwad. :) Kidding!

thank's Lily. Corruptco was alot of fun. I don't sweat the college degree stuff. I didnt have the attention span for it. But that is not to say I don't educate myself. Or value it.

This is what pisses me off. We've traded our future for instant gratification and cheap consumer goods. All because a few nut cases think these are the end times, so it doesn't matter if we poison the earth, Jesus is coming.

Well, Bush is kinda Hooeveresque. Wouldn't be surprised at a stock market crash and a depression after all this Bush-shit. Then the American People, or what's left of them, would once again have to find a progressive leader. Who'd build the country back up only to have it destroyed by the next re-incarnation of Hoover/Bush.

Rats leave sinking ships. People blog until the electricity goes out.

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