Left of Center: By Yukkione: It's civil war! Fox news asks: Good thing?
It's civil war! Fox news asks: Good thing?
Thursday, March 02, 2006
Time : 6:52 AM

Iraqis pause the throwing of flowers at US troops to tell other Iraqis to leave religiously mixed neighborhoods. I would be curious to know what Rumsfeld would call this, harkening back to his comments made during the looting that followed the “end of the war”. The argument?... One side says the leaders of Islam should be elected, the other says that leaders should be blood relatives of Muhammad. To bad the Bush team doesn't read history or have any understanding whatsoever of peoples who are not white, rich, and Christian. So the religious civil war heats up, fueled by folks in Iran. The Iranian president poking sticks at the eyes of NeoCons. He's just like Bush.. He's itching for the Muslim end of days, (yes they have one too folks) and he'll do anything he can to bring it about. See, I don't discriminate against religion, I have equal disdain for all of them. Of course we really don't care about getting things straightened out in Iraq. As long as they are divided, we're still in charge. The Iraqi military is officially down to Zero battalions that are capable of operating without US assistance. So it looks like we'll be there indefinitely. Since no change will happen there, we can devote more time to Iran. Problem with Iran is that they are switching thier petro dollars to Euros, thats bad for the US. Very bad. With that happening other countries are reticent to purchase our debt, as I wrote of several days ago. I hope the housing bubble doesn't burst, it's the only thing we have. So we will go back and forth to the UN, making a big to do over the Iranian nuclear program. If things don't go our way.. well, we have a contingency for that.

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Comments for It's civil war! Fox news asks: Good thing?
Yes, I agree. The total lack of historical perspective on the part of these people is beyond my ability to comprehend. Don't these guys at least get briefing papers from the State Department and other agencies to prepare them for the decisions they make?

I know, I know. I am naive. No need to remind me. Bush is illiterate. I forgot. My bad, again. Yale obviously drained his brain and Harvard scooped out the residue. And Jack Daniels U. sealed the deal.

Hmm your theory on Bush's brain is quite interesting. I like it. I have always thought he was damaged in ways that arent apparent at first glance. he definately isnt wired right to be President.

It will be interesting to see who gets lifted up to Heaven after all this. Maybe we'll luck out and they all will.

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