Left of Center: By Yukkione: An honerable person would step down.
An honerable person would step down.
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Time : 2:17 AM

CBS poll Bush job rating down to 34%.
In other country's the government would be dissolved if public confidence sank to such a deplorable level. Hell, in one country the leader might commit Hara-Kiri , or ritual suicide. But no, hubris, ego and narcissism keep this guy thumping along. Unlike a corporation with an inept CEO, he won't be fired, because even though the country is sinking into a pit of debt and mismanagement, people of his own party refuse to act. Refuse to act? This in itself is a treasonous, misuse of power. Do we not have three branches of government? Isn't it the duty of each branch to see that the business of the county is being carried out faithfuly and competently? Impeach Bush now!

Correction. It seems the sampling in the Bush poll was favored to Democrats and independants. Causing the numbers to be inaccurate. I still stand by the idea that Bush should lose his job.

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I can only say Amen. There is something else completely going on here behind the scenes. Its almost Hooverish the way Bushco has the congress and even the judiciary quivering in their boots. I'm 57 and I have never seen anything like it in this country, and that includes Nixon. I mean, it took only a few days to completely dissolve the NSA scandal as an issue. That takes power that the president should not even have.

NOW? Yesterday!

I just can't imagine he could have that high an approval rating. Who are these people who approve? They have to be doing some heavy drugs. Impeachment is really too good for him, but I signed up for it since it's all we have.

Great post title.


yea, WHO are these people that still think he's doing a great job?

I have to say this...if he scored 34 with a Demo Heavy vote..he is effin lucky....

( And yeah who the Hell of these Idiots that think he is doing a "good" job....are they on mind altering drugs ? or just brain damaged?)

( and Wasn't grey Davis Recall started when he hit 32% ? Anyone know?)

E4E, were have you been hiding? :)

Things got a bit complicated on the homefront- had to take care of some life things- got so behind on email and blogging..so sorry..didn't think anyone would notice...I missed Blogland though- I do confess...

( March is going to be a bit hairy- so if I am not as about as much - don't worry I am still here....)

I missed your blog I confess... ;-)

The poll wasn't biased. It was a random sampling of 1,082 Americans. The respondents were queried as to party affiliation, if any, then those numbers were weighted so that the proportional representation of Republicans, Democrats and Independents in the sample closely match the known proportionality in the population as a whole. This poll, like any poll, also has a statistical margin of error which also helps to address any misproportionality in the sample versus the whole population.

This poll is no more valid or bogus than any good-faith survey. Don't buy into the "vast left-wing media" boogie man. It doesn't exist

epm...thanks for setting us straight...I am still doing my 34:18 Happy Happy JoY JOY dance ( for any old Ren& Stimpy fans..you know the song right???)

( oh and look Jason got lost....oh...poor thing...hehe)

This is important informaton regarding the weighting of poll statistics and the CBS poll in particular. In short: the CBS poll is valid and accurate. Even if you force the Democratic weighting down even further than the CBS polling unit did, it has no affect on the numbers. Bush's approval rating is so low that even forcing a Republican bias results in little more than a rounding error.

Update: Mystery Pollster (www.mysterypoolster.com) has looked at the CBS poll results with a different weighting model:

Some will no doubt seize on the fact that the latest CBS News sample is a few points more Democratic on party ID (37%) than on their last three surveys (34% in late January, 33% in early January and 32% in December), although the Republican percentage (28%) is about the same as the last three surveys (27%, 29% and 28% respectively). However, the difference in the party results does not explain the drop in the Bush job rating, which occurs across all three categories.

In fact, even when MP recalculates the CBS job approval results for the most recent survey using the average party composition reported on their last three surveys (33% Democrat, 28% Republican, 39% independent or other), the Bush approval percentage still rounds to 34%. The reason is that my recalculation just increases the number of independents at the expense of Democrats. However, Bush's rating is now so low among both subgroups as measured by CBS that the adjustment makes little difference.

thanks again Epm..I am still doing the HappyHappy Joy Joy dance....and thanks for Shilley for noticing that I hadn't been around...that was a nice little boost...

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