Left of Center: By Yukkione: Evil is as evil does...
Evil is as evil does...
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
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Saddam Hussein is being prosecuted for signing execution orders for 148 people. This was related to an attempt on his life, and the large conspiracy to carry it out. He was the leader of a recognized country, and this is was his decision, for right or wrong. George Bush allowed the execution of 131 people while he was the Governor of Texas. He was the leader, and it was his decision, for right or wrong. George Bush is not being prosecuted.
What other similarities are there? That both wanted to control Iraq's oil? No, thats to easy. That both used WMD's? Yes that is true.. Saddam used them against Kurdish villages in the form of chemical weapons. Bush used them in the form of White Phosphorus in Fallujah and depleted uranium rounds. The DU is causing cancer in Iraqi's at an alarming level, and also affecting many US soldiers. Both began displaying cruelty at an early age. Saddam when he was a young man and became an enforcer of the Bath party, and Bush when he began killing and torturing small animals such as frogs when he was a young boy. many links have since been made to children who do this to animals, and those who develop sociopathic personalities later in life. I might add as well that both men suddenly "discovered" religion mid life as a means of ingraciating themselves with the populace. Make of this what you will. Turning up the heat on W.

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good point well made

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. - Douglas Adams

You should be a lawyer. Well presented and true. Maybe a blow torch would turn up the heat enough.

nice work. It is scary when you think of who runs our country

Don't forget, Saddam tortured the Iraqis! Oh, wait a minute......

By the way, some of the crimes Saddam is being tried for took place in 1982, the year before the Rumsfeld hand shake photo.


great post. the man's an ass.

take a guess at which of the two I'm talking about.

Mike , so true I neglected to state that on my post. Can always count on you for the good tidbit.

I find your comparisons very selective... I'm offended.

You "forgot" to mention that Saddam has a funny mustache and an evil crazy-man accent, which, of course makes all the difference. But since you hate America, you chose not to point that out.

In future, please remember: funny mustache, evil accent = bloodthirsty tyrant a.k.a. Evil Doer; clean shaven, "Texas" accent = veritable instrument of God's will.

Get it right next time.

Did you know that the only person whose death sentence was commuted by george Bush was Henry Lee Lucas?

And how much did he contribute to the Bush/Cheney 2000 fund?

-EPM, I am humbled by your observation, and your patriotism. George can't grow facial hair so will never go down as being a true villain.

1982...hmm, so was Rummy with Monsanto then?...hmmm..great post and thank you for bringing up the death and destruction of small creatures...

and don't forget Unca Dick out shooting small animals and "accidentally" shooting ( cough-gag-cough) a lawyer....

Brothers! They're Brothers in Blood!

The antiwar rhetoric about DU is false. It illustrates how far credulous "peace" activists will go to hate America.

But don't take my word for it. The IAEA liberals always defer to claimed in 2003 that "based on credible scientific evidence, there is no proven link between DU exposure and increases in human cancers or other significant health or environmental impacts." In fact, DU is often used for radiation shielding, given it is five times more effective at stopping gamma radiation than lead. It is true DU is toxic, but DU is toxic in the same way lead is toxic.

I'm an opponent of capital punishment in most cases, but I know the difference between executing a criminal for murder and ethnically cleansing 100,000 people.

@josh: all kidding aside, I don't think we can equate Bush to Saddam, but they do seem to share a similar moral ambiguity when it comes to gaining and holding power and suppressing dissent.

I'm not at all sure that if Bush could remain in power for thirty years with no checks on his authority to continue to do whatever the hell he wants, he wouldn't get remarkably close to Saddamism. Throw in a movement to kill him and side with declared state enemies (as the Shiites and Kurds did vis a vis Iran) and I think it's a slam dunk.

Re: DU, the jury is still out on fully understanding the affects of DU as military fallout (no pun intended) in a civilian setting. It is unquestionably chemically toxic, and I expect for some minority of people it can be carcinogenic, though not universally so.

Jason, thank you for stopping by, and commenting. To say that DU is not harmful and evil does a great injustice to the people who are suffering and will suffer as a result of it. Toxic in the way lead is? Well, if we were using vaporized lead as a weapon we would still be guilty of using WMD. DU has a half life of 10,000 years. Clothing and skin will shield you from it's radiation, but if ingested or breathed, it's effects are devastating. Why does the US ship broken tanks back to the US as radiological toxic debris for disposal? Why do military crews handle destroyed tanks and enemy vehicles while wearing full MOP suits? I'm sure in your academic world there are justifications for just about everything. But to use these weapons should be criminal in anyone’s book. Our vets suffer a host of indefinable ailments, many of which have the tell tale signs of radiation poisoning. As for the crimes of Bush and Hussein… Both have killed over 100,000 people. If you feel the need to rationalize the inherent evil of one over the other, then I suggest you take a classes in logic, and philosophy while your still in school. Oh by the way, why dont you take a break from college and join the Army.


I'm the member of the physics community. Even if you don't respect my political opinions, at least take the science seriously.

The International Atomic Energy Agency on DU

--Based on credible scientific evidence, there is no proven link between DU exposure and increases in human cancers or other significant health or environmental impacts.

--The most definitive study of DU exposure is of Gulf War veterans who have embedded DU shrapnel in their bodies that cannot be removed. To date none has developed any health abnormalities due to uranium chemical toxicity or radio toxicity.

--It is a common misconception that radioactivity is the main health hazard of DU rather than chemical toxicity. Like other heavy metals, DU is potentially poisonous. In sufficient amounts, if DU is ingested or inhaled it can be harmful because of its chemical toxicity. High concentration could cause kidney damage.

Iraqbodycount.org has the number of dead in iraq around 28-32K. I'll add they do not specify the percentage killed by the jihadists. There is no moral equivalence between Iraqi democrats and Iraqi jihadists.

Now, if you are going to ask me to go to Iraq, it is only fair I ask the same. Here's goes: "Why don't you stop whatever you are doing and go to Iraq and be human shield for al-Queda, if you want to see democracy fail so badly?" See how stupid this is? Justification of a belief has nothing to do with who has the belief.

I am not a member of any esteemed scientific communities, so I can only formulate my opinions by what I read. Of course I weigh the credibility of the sources, and try to ascertain the possible motives of the publishing group. I know that most of the funding for the IAEA comes from the US. I know that the Officer that was once in charge of the DU program in the US is now a professor and opponent of DU.
Weapons may only be used in the legal field of battle, defined as legal military targets of the enemy in war. Weapons may not have an adverse effect off the legal field of battle.
Weapons can only be used for the duration of an armed conflict. A weapon that is used or continues to act after the war is over violates this criterion.
Weapons may not be unduly inhumane.
Weapons may not have an unduly negative effect on the natural environment.
I know that babies born to US soldier have a high ratio of birth defect. The types one sees with chromosomal damage. I probably share a lot of common beliefs with you Jason. Such as a dislike for the Islamic revolution. Now, as far as being a shield for Al-Qaeda. lol Until we invaded Iraq, there might have been a handful there. To equate being against the war and use of WMD with being for Al-Qaeda, is a typical type of thing Sean Hannidy would insinuate, and he's a brainless dick wad.

A study that appeared in the prestigious British medical journal, the Lancet, in October 2004, used statistical sampling techniques to estimate all Iraqis killed because of the war and its myriad direct and indirect effects. The figure researchers came up with at that time — 15 months ago — was approximately 100,000 dead, albeit with a large margin of error. The Lancet study used the same techniques that Les F. Roberts, a researcher at Johns Hopkins and lead author of the study, used to investigate mortality caused by the wars in Bosnia, the Congo and Rwanda. Although Roberts' work in those locations was unquestioned and widely cited by many, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, the Lancet estimates on Iraq were unfortunately dismissed or ignored in 2004.

These last 15 months have considerably raised the American death toll, the IBC numbers, and any update that may be in the works for the Lancet's staggering 100,000 figure. In fact, if the Lancet estimates rose at a rate proportional to the IBC's numbers since October 2004 — from about 17,000 then to about 30,000 — the updated figure would be approximately 175,000 Iraqis dead since the war began.

I am a member of the HUMAN COMMUNITY...( it is a little known private club, very exclusive, you have to exhibit a heart, a soul and a high level of Intelligence...shhh...we don't want too many members)

We of the HC have the preogatiove to exclude people that excrete foolish misquoted "scientific" statements about issues they know nothing about....

It is a simple issue to gain Knowledge on Radiological Damage...and it is painful to know that there are Guif I Vets that have cancers and Flipper Children and who daily Question WHAT their own goverment and Military did to them...I read Iraqi Blogs and see photos of children that bear the same damage...it breaks my heart and makes me ashamed of My Country....

But atleast I read your Blog and know that there are good souls out there that still have responisible hearts and consciences and the ability to think and Question....thank you....

So you are a 27 year old physicist, are ya? I went and had a look at your 'blogs' and I must say you are quite the literati blogger young man (PURE HETERO MAN AT THAT!)
Wow! Good on ya Bowden!
What part of Depleted URANIUM don't you understand? What part of deformed clildren from vets of Bush1 and Bush2 in Iraq don't you understand?

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