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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
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Some people can stand in front of a magician, and believe that there are mystical properties to what they are observing (or not observing). Telephone soothsayers still make millions from people calling to have their futures divined. Some people burn prayers written on pieces of parchment so that the smoke will rise to the heavens and persuade God/Gods/Goddess to act on their behalf. Some people ring bells, make charms, dance, trance, and romance to garner the favor of superior entities. Some cast spells, some cast prayers. Some write environmental legislation based on religious predications. Some start wars with religious conviction. Some seek peace based on religious conviction. Some believe in end of the world prophecies and live as if they have to use everything up today. Some take lives for religion, some give lives for it. If you were to throw a lump of clay on the floor, what are the chances it would end up a vase? Is a God more complex than a Universe? Whatever your answer, which is most likely to spring from nothingness? Perhaps there was always a somethingness. Shaman, Priest, Monk, Preacher, Witch, Medicine man, Imam, Rabbi. Turning the dial of a kaleidoscope do you still see the same light.
I just wanted to write something off the top of my head that was not based on current events

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that is the problem we all DO see the same light but not everyone wants to admit it OR share it.

Great post...so truthful and clear...

hmm...and maybe some wear rose colored glasses and hear voices in their head....

keep speaking the Truth and spreading your light in the darker corners...

Very poignant post from you today, Mr. Shilliday. I think the fact that there is something instead of nothing belies a deliberacy, the origin of which I don't think I can personally discern. I'm just not that smart, or that spiritual, or that intuitive. I wish I could have a faith that would lead me to think that I would be raptured the f**k right out of here before it hits the fan! But, I don't get into thoughts like that, and find theocentric preferences to be bafflemaking.

No matter how much I read or consider, I am no closer to an answer now in my thirties than I was at, say, four. Only at four it didn't matter because I could not conceive of people willingly destroying civilization, and believed that we simply lived to be good, to put everything out there that we could. Hope came from belief in good over bad, a childlike idea. When a little girl was raped in our town, it occurred to me that there are some people in life for whom love, empathy, compassion, humanity...are lost, absorbed by pathology, that live without conscience, unmoved by neither victim nor their own guilt or shame. Once you stop viewing people as fundamentally good deep down and acknowledge that some people are truly psychopathic, the real monster in the closet begins to haunt you. Once you consider that what little legacy one leaves will soon be ashes to the fireball- so much is irrelevant.

When we hit that point of no return, that we have set into motion, when we will not be able to turn back time- then let us earnestly consider the meaning of it all because no matter how you believe we began, we will most assuredly know how we will end.

So, when I was little my brother said "Would you rather die by surprise, or know so you could run around saying good bye?" I guess humanity really wants to know, badly enough to bring it on.

Great Post Shilley,

I also thought the comments were very profound.
Lily, someone once said that he would rather *know* there were monsters under his bed instead of finding out at midnight during their supper time.

There is of course a very spiritual/mystic type answer that I might try to address.

The idea of Tarot was built on the fundamentals of Life, and numbered with relevance accordingly.
The FOOL is usually the first of the Major Arcana, representing the "trickster",
which, if you stop to think about it, really does kind of fit.

Imagine that all life was only caused by on set of events, wheter orginating from God or by themselves, and progressed to an actual "free {finite} limited conscienceness", and by definition can not rise to the eternal understanding even if all it does is try for eternity.
That is the foolishness of creation-but that-also holds the key to beauty, and with beauty you have ugliness.
sorry to ramble on so..

Ah, thanks for the comments everyone. I think everyone had different ideas, and that was the intent. :)

You are such a closet Unitarian!!! Have a great day, Enlightened one!

the Witch At Home

Love your blog, and this post!

I beg to differ, The Fool in the Tarot is not the Trickster, the magician is!


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