Left of Center: By Yukkione: Brown vindicated, Bush lied
Brown vindicated, Bush lied
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Time : 7:12 PM

Just released Video shows Michael Brown telling Bush and Chertoff that Katrina would be a huge disaster, and that preparations need to be made and fast. Six full hours of inside video tells much of the real story. However, Bush administration is already dismissing it. From what I've seen of the tapes, Brown WAS scapegoated. Yes he made mistakes, but the Whitehouse and DHS are still screwing things up. They are the ones that won't take responsibility, they are the ones who fired the one guy that is mostly vindicated. During the session that is pictured, Bush didnt even ask any questions. Talk about being removed from the situation. Remember, the Whitehouse said they had no idea the storm would be such a problem, that the levees could break. They were told.. It's right here... they lied.
Thanks to Casey over at Open your Minds Eye for the new video link

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It's amazing how everyone in this White House can deny anything even if there is video to deny their denial. Well, Bush says reality is what he says it is.

Either our president is more intellectually challenged than everyone suspected, or is such a megalomaniac that he is above concern for the peasantry, or is such a bigot that he considered Katrina a God-given opportunity to "clean house" in New Orleans and rebuild it as an ideal city (and further enrich his favorite corporations in the rebuilding process,or has sociopathic tendencies that cause him to be uncaring and unfeeling about other human beings.

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Hey I reposted your story to my website. Along with the video. You can visit my site and get the code for the video if you like and post it to your site. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge massive intergal part of Bush's impeachment. As well it should be.
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Thanks for stopping by WA. Yea mary, taking denial to new hights is a national pastime. Thanks Casey.

I feel sick... I think I'm gonna spew...

And yet I know the amoral apologists for this cancer on America -- and human decency in general -- will still rally around this evil, evil man. Everyone thinks the devil wears a kafia,... I think he wears pinstripes.

Heck, Bush lied last night on ABC with Vargas:

VARGAS: When you look back on those days immediately following when Katrina struck, what moment do you think was the moment that you realized that the government was failing, especially the people of New Orleans?

BUSH: When I saw TV reporters interviewing people who were screaming for help. It looked — the scenes looked chaotic and desperate. And I realized that our government was — could have done a better job of comforting people.

new post is up...I did do something for Lilly's Corporate Appreciation week... I do know that the DC Idiots are very good at saying "Everything is just fine."..they are pros...and dangerous...

jesus christ, how much do we need to impeach this guy

The AP is reporting now that that tape is the famous "Missing August 29th Tape" that FEMA 'couldn't find' all this time. Amazing how it was conveniently lost until after Brown appeared before Congress. Must have been lost among all those Abu Ghraib videos...

you ALL just don't get it. bush said, 'we are FULLY prepared' and he meant it. they were FULLY prepared to let a chunk of population die, they were fully prepared to lie about that, about wmd and just about everything else. i can now sleep restfully knowing OUR president is FULLY prepared

I, unfortunately, have previously considered the concept, but rejected it, but I am now beginning to think that what worried american says is true:

it was "a God-given opportunity to 'clean house' in New Orleans and rebuild it as an ideal city (and further enrich his favorite corporations ...)..."

clean slate, get all the poor people out (or drown them) ... let the levees break down because we know they were going to ... eventually.

all in one fell swooop.

There is no innocent explanation for this. Any possible explanation is vile. Such a leader must be removed by the peoples representatives through impeachment and we must now not shut up on that subject until millions are screaming for it every damn day and it bloody well gets done ... thanks for the post ... it's a big un

D'ya think this might shave a few more points off Bush's approval rating?

Indeed Lew!