Left of Center: By Yukkione: Pennies from um....
Pennies from um....
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Time : 1:26 PM

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Think of your income tax refund as government ass pennies. (if you havent figured out how not to over pay your taxes that is) The govement takes your "pennies" and sticks them up everyones ass in the whole world. Then at the end of the year they give you back some without paying you interest. Still fele great about that refund?

is there supposed to be a link to the video? it's not working...

you're a riot, though! that's a great way to characterize it!

You'll need macromedia flashplayer 8 to see the videos. I've tested them on IE6 and Firefox.

an alternate link is here.

Just saw your comment over on Deertown Times and dropping in to say hi from Ann in the California San Joaquin Valley.

I share a small political blog with another great-granny as well as the coffee klatch in the link.

Ann (aka granny)

Hi there granny, I have seen you around. Thank you for stopping by.

dude, I love upright citizens brigade. The first season is out of DVD, but not two and three. it is up there with mr. show, kids in the hall and monty python

I didn't know Bush did videos.

Brings a whole new meaning to that old witticism: "shittin' nickles."

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