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Last Post of the day.
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Time : 9:32 PM

In case you havent read Georgia10's latest post at Kos, please do. This lady sure can write, and I think she has summed up why I have felt so pathetic the last couple days. (blogwise and politically) This truly is not the America I grew up in. Not the America I served while in the military. Or the one I want to raise my children in..

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I miss America....

Yes, nostalgia for even the Clinton era over comes me, but I can remember back to a time when we lived under the gold standard. It's not just the political fabric that has been torn asunder, but the social fabric as well. I'm tired of being angry about things I can't change and should be able to if this were the country it used to be. I miss America, too.

I think we all are in mourning...I need a day of Silence..just to honor all that we have lost...
and Lew I hope to hell that we can resew the fabric...
ALL the fabric....and Shilly hang in there friend...

I can't believe I actually would give my eye-teeth for the good of days old Reagan classifying ketchup as a vegetable or Bush the Elder's dirty tricks with Ollie North... sigh... but I would.
I was a wee child when those 2 criminals were in office, but for the love of God, at least they made an effort to appear Presidential.

Shame and the Democratic Party tend to go together, just like anger and the Democratic Party, or despair and the Democratic Party.

The gods forbid you guys ending the emoto-babble and attempting to *think* calmly and soberly for a change. I have full confidence you guys will be back in unhinged YEEEAAGH! mode in no-time.


Thank you Jason, you represent well those that are blissfully untroubled with conscience. ;)

thank you for directing us to that posting on kos. wow, for a 23 year old she sure has her head on straight

That was powerful and pretty well sums up what most intelligent people feel right now. Thank you for the link.

That is pretty good.

"This is not the America I was brought up to believe in."


Oh, it's 'America' alright. I think the 'Old America' people talk about never existed. 'Americans' love to talk a big game. They love to tell everyone what wonderful people they are, and they like to hear how wonderful they are from their politicians, but they are, in reality, a pack of selfish pissants.

This is a cliche, but it is, truly: "so very sad, but so very true."

I'm heading back to bed now, to pull the covers over my head and wait for it all to go away.

an extremely powerful post ... rory's face looks a lot like the marine in the pick right now ... why, why, why?

Think about still being in uniform and going through this,...

I'm not the only one in the military that thinks the way I do.

The thing is...this isn't just going to go away into the dark night. It's here to stay for some time. The other nations aren't going to forget what this administration has done for a very long time. Our decendents will be the inheritors of this little dumb ditty for some time to come. It's going to be in their history books... it will get a whitewash here of course. We have to be the caretakers of what really took place here during these days to inform those after us accurately so they won't get a cleaned up version by the right.

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