Left of Center: By Yukkione: Presidential Brain Damage
Presidential Brain Damage
Thursday, March 23, 2006
Time : 11:31 AM

Over at The Rant (Capitol Hill Blue) Doug Thompson talks about Bush's lying. He consulted with a friend of his who is a psychologist , and an expert in personality disorders that include lying as one of their underlying behaviors. I have spent most of my life in sales, and have read many books on human behavior. I know when people are lying because as the article states, the lier can't control the involuntary movements of the eyes and gestures that are associated with lying. Reading people is a key skill when in sales. President Bush is under a lot of pressure, and as the lies mount up, his ability to keep his emotion and responses under control because ever more difficult. His nervous laugh is not a sign he is at ease. You'll also notice when you watch him that he has developed an involuntary facial tick. Evidence of this can be seen in a link to this over at Born at the Crest of the Empire. I think this guy is in trouble, I think he has an undisclosed health issue that some think is Pre Senile Dementia.

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I got here following via IE, by following a link from one of your comments. Whew, I was a bumpy ride.

There are times when bush speaks that I think he's right on the edge of losing it. He seems to get more flustered more easily and all these speeches or repeat speeches are making him look desperate.

Why are you guys so mean to the President? How about sharing some of that liberal tolerance you guys talk so much about?


LOL, "I" wasn't a bumpy ride, but "it" was

I'm not a tolerant liberal. I'm an ass kicking love thy neighbor or suffer a kick in the nuts liberal. I wasnt kind to Clinton when he was fucking up his presidency either.

Jaw twitching can also be indicative of Acute Dystonia and Tardive Dyskineasia-- neuro-muscular disorders-- where one sees involuntary movements of the face, mouth, jaw twitching, and confused speech. They are often induced by long term usage of psychotropics, tranquilizers or narcotics..... or..... it could just be his excessive lying.

Preznit:"I'm thinking of a number..."

Tardive Dyskinesia and psychotropic induced facial ticks are usually the result of failure to co-prescribe cogentin and I'm pretty sure the President can afford a doctor that would know this. Am I wrong there?

Moving on, the whole 'diagnose people via videotape' just sounds a bit too fucking Terri Schiavo for my taste. Psychopathology, yes. Senility, no. Dementia, no.

And isn't he the fella that wants to educate hippies with his lofty grasp of philosophy, or is my memory failing due to an overload of righteous self-aggrandizing poser intellectual fuckwads???

MY liberal tolerance goes about as far as my boot goes up your ass- YOU tell ME that measurement. Hate to spoil your ideas from Liberals 101 you learned from your community college philosophy BUT labels are lazy shortcuts and expectations that people have to tolerate stupidity to be "tolerant" are misguided. When you presume to be an "educator" you had best be prepared to back things up.

Sorry, LOC, I forgot, you are supposed to defend everybody. My bad. Forgot my place a second.

Jason Bowden: "When I'm not researching physics or reading arcane philosophical texts, I enjoy sending hippies in retreat with evidence, reasoning, and soap."

Hilarious. I only hope you are really somebody we know spoofing us with such nonsense. Tell me its really Neil or something...

I got to sit in on a law enforcement interrogation training class a few years ago, just to see how the police were being trained, and it's true, his eyes are those of a LIAR! However, in fairness, many politicians cannot pass that test unless they practice, practice practice, which of course some do.

I think you have to HAVE a brain before you can do it any damage.

yeah, he wears his disingenousness on his face ... would love to have him subjected to a battery of PET scans ... good post, man ... he's twitchin' and I'm bitchin'

maybe he will get smarter?

i think it is beyond him lying. i am convinced he BELIEVES what he says. really, i am

Yes, I'm with Rose which is why i say psychopathology versus a twitchy nervous liar. There's no discomfort there. He's trained to look vulnerable, like a 'regular guy' even mispronouncing things on purpose. And it works. Sadly.

let me get this straight, Bush is a liar?

Man, I feel so violated!

Lily --

Today's left longs for a precapitalist past, desires a strong central government, loves leaders like Dean and Gore that scream and yell, obsesses about race, wants to impose stringent socioeconomic controls, hates Israel, rants against the evils of materialism, opposes liberal democracy in other countries, likes to impose censorship and speech codes, doesn't respect the results of legitimate elections, and accepts any paranoid conspiracy theory that pushes their worldview. Like Howard Dean, capitalism is the enemy, and creating "community" -- an authentic Volk -- is the solution.

Lily, you guys yell and scream and are disrespectful to others because you're no longer liberals -- you have become fascists.

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