Left of Center: By Yukkione: Malkin is sooo Wrong
Malkin is sooo Wrong
Thursday, March 23, 2006
Time : 8:35 AM

Michelle Malkin is nearly as stupid as her pod sister Ann Coulter. Today she has set her sights on recently rescued peace activists. The three men who are from the Christian peacemaker Teams, were rescued by American and British troops in Iraq. My first problem with this piece is that she describes them as “left Wing”. Is being a peace activists an exclusively left wing activity? Do right wingers not care for peace enough to work for it? To actually go out into the world and stand in the way of war and aggression? Aren't these values of the religious right as well? One of Mrs Malkins slobbering readers sent her an email alerting her of the “thankless post on the CPT website. She rants against the lack of thanks to the soldier who rescued them and the CPT's stance against our military's mistreatment of Iraqi's. Well, how does Mrs Malkin know they haven't sent a letter of thanks directly to the units involved in the rescue, or if the people rescued thanked their rescuers on the spot? It seems to me that members of the military wouldn't be reading the CPT website, or even have access to it as our military blocks all websites to military personnel save the most conservative. As true Christian missionaries these men cared not for there own treatment but were fighting for the humane treatment of others. It's sad that Mrs. Malkin would be so venomous towards peaceful people who's only goal is to serve mankind. It's sad that she has never addressed the crimes we have committed against Iraqi's.


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Comments for Malkin is sooo Wrong
She is obviously an idiot.

I dunno, some SOF badasses didn't ask questions about saving them today. She should think that one over.

Service is service, imho.

Your right. And it look snow that the actual American role in the capture is smaller than our guys made it out to be.

I think what is amazing is how quick they are to be able to "label" a person. It seems that people like herself want to be able to give a face to the people. Since "peace activist" is a little more soothing she has to identify them with someone more "extreme" this gets the right all head nodding along with her.

I don't take her seriously. I don't see how anyone can.

Of course we on the Right support peace efforts, but not duing a time of war. This kind of thing only gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

That said, Miss Malkin can aid and comfort me any day! Conservative, Asian AND hot? Oh, baby!

Rex, While a can surely relate to your proclivity for the Asian ladies. I would sooner copulate a warm camel turd than Mrs Malkins skank infused carcass. But you do confuse me a bit Rex, I thought conservitives were into Asian Ladyboys. Inexpensive Tai junkets are often offered by the RNC travel office.

peace activists are pussies. that is what she is trying to say

If anti-war Democratic "peace" activists got their way in 1864, there would still be slavery today in Alabama.

Everyone wants peace, but not everyone wants tyranny.

Malkin is too busy defending WWII Asian internment camps to give our torture of the Iraqis a thought.

If anti-war Democratic "peace" activists got their way in 1864, there would still be slavery today in Alabama.

What an absurd and unknowable thing to say.

Though I often wonder if the Union would be stronger more secure today (both domestically and internationally) if the secession had succeeded and the Union was allowed to continue without the ball and chain of regional and cultural division that has dogged this country ever since.

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epm --

My statement was not only intelligible, I affirm it with a probability approaching certainty. If the peace activists supporting McClellan's antiwar ticket got their way in 1864 and brought the troops home, there would still be slavery in places like Arkansas today. Think about how hard we had to fight just to get people down there to desegregate.

In this context, I can't believe you're making excuses for treason and the Confederacy. But as Ku Klux DemoKrats like Senator Byrd illustrate, there is a historical precedent for such antics.

Democrats ran General McClellan on an anti-war peace ticket in 1864 to bring the troops home. You guys lost, the abomination of slavery ended, and millions of people live in freedom today.

"... the abomination of slavery ended, and millions of people live in freedom today."
So the Civil War had nothing to do with states' rights and the struggle to hold the United States of America UNITED? Oh that's right... it was only waged b/c you oh-so-moral Republicans cared so much about slaves. Puh-leeze.

....... and yet the Republican Party of 2006 is NOW the party of decimating American working families, blatant racism, theocracy, corporatists, dismantling of public education, hegemony, bloodletting spending, imperialism, massive growth in govt, shifting the tax burden onto the rapidly drowning middle class and every other sin that Repubs have accused the Democrats of previously being guilty of.

My oh my... how times change.

Hmm I thought the abolition of slavery was a “by product” of the civil war. It was like most wars about money. As to weather there would still be slavery in Alabama.. I doubt it would have lasted much longer. Peaceful change would probably occurred as more civilized nation boycotted our goods and services. But this is one topic where Republicans always bring up the slavery bit to show how compassionate, and civilly minded they are. That must be why so many black Americans vote Republican.

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