Left of Center: By Yukkione: The Catholic Church stops adoption by gay families.
The Catholic Church stops adoption by gay families.
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Time : 8:11 AM

Catholic Charities of Boston will end arraigning adoptions. Rather than conform to a new Massachusetts law that requires it let gay couples adopt. The thought that people of conscience would rather have children languish in foster homes, be in bad homes, or be aborted is beyond comprehension. I was adopted. My birth mother gave me up for adoption when I was a baby. She was a single mother of limited means, and she knew there was a family out there that could offer opportunity that she might not. In my early twenties, she sought me out through the adoption agency, and after a little time we met. We have been friends ever since. Now back to the issue. I was glad to be adopted into a loving family that had the means to take care of me. I would not have cared if the people were gay or straight. Research shows that children in “gay” families are no more likely to be gay than ones in hetero families. The Catholic Church is putting dogma before people. As far as I know, Jesus never spoke about homosexuality, not once. Shame on the Catholic church. Read more here.

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Comments for The Catholic Church stops adoption by gay families.
I would very much have liked to have been adopted by a loving family no matter their make up. I had a natural family but not a natural childhood. Remember that song, "What's love got to do with it?" Well in this case I would say everything.

OK off topic but can I just say that that picture makes me think of that Christmas show where they sing "I'm Mister Heat Miser, I'm Mr. Sun, I'm Mister hundred and one..."

He looks like a damn christmas animated villain.

Sorry. Anyway, of course its ridiculous and of course a loving home is the best home. I think its awesome that you connected with your birth mother.

Satanic dickheads. Creepy satanic dickheads. Nice picture of the head dickhead. Looks like pure evil.

This is another example of making a major stink over a minor issue. Only 2% of the adoptions facilitated by Boston Catholic Charities were placements in gay households. So, to hell with the other 98%, if we can't dictate Church Law to the State then we're taking our ball and going home.

The time is ripe for truly compassionate religious groups to step into the breach... But will they?

Two people who are truly committed to the health and well being of the child is all that really matters. It matters not whether those two people are a man and a woman, or two men, two women, or two birds (well, birds aren't people, but you get my point, I hope).

Off topic a bit, but I, like POP, always wished I had been adopted. That way, I figured, I would be "special."

our state is having a big 'to do' over catholic hospitals not wanting to offer the morning after pill (which does NOT cause abortions mind you). it is dictated ALL hospitals (and pharmacies) in the state of connecticut must offer it. did our legislature stand up? HELL NO, they let the issue just DROP.

I personally know of a lesbian couple who adopted a child no one wanted. The boy is now stable and doing well in school and you can tell he is thriving. What would have happened to him if they had not stepped forward. They saved his life.

that picture freaks me out. he looks like he just killed several puppies

My sister is beyond help. She has 4 children from three different fathers. She gave one up for adoption several years ago. In my honest opinion that child is way better off then the three she "kept"

it is a shame the narrowmindness of a church founded on acceptance.

I was just in church this week and the Gospel was how Jesus spoke to a women that had been married 5 times. He spoke to her as a human and not an outcast. Not a worthless human being. I sat there and listened and wondered just when the disconnect happened....

truely a shame.

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with this ruling this shithead and I am sorry for using that term about the frickin' pontiff, but today he is a shithead, anyway today this shithead condemns untold numbers of kids to miserable lives unnecessarily ... a dude who dresses as a condom and at least professes not to do a fucking thing of a sexual nature has a lot of frickin' nerve opining about "deviant lifestyles"


Shame on them is right. I also have very strong feelings on this issue - I have a wonderful 4 year old daughter that my wife and I adopted from China. It is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done - for us and for her. I have seen the orphanages in which thousands of these kids are kept in and I don't care if you're gay, straight or whatever, they are better off with a caring family.

All those men from the Church who are making these decisions - what are they doing, exactly, to improve the situation? Are THEY adopting kids?

Religions throughout time have changed and adapted to the social and political realities of the times. Christianity spread by adopting local traditions. Todays Catholic church stands as a Icon of impervious stoicism. thank you for the comments everyone.

This is an extremely rich organization that could put their money where their mouth is and run and provide many schools and homes for needy children. Now the but!...They don't want to spend the gazillions of dollars they have for this...they just want to have their say in these matters and not pay anything out. Who takes these jokers seriously anyway? It's probably better that they don't have homes for kids anyway...because they would just abuse them...if not sexually...it would be through intimidation. I trully don't think they have love in their hearts for people unless they have money to give them. The Vatican is one of the richest entities in the world... and they sure seem to have the poor children taken care of well don't you think?

I'm not so sure if the Catholic Church really is rich anymore. I mean they have prperty and priceless treasures, but because of the abuse litigation they have sheled out milliojns and have declining numbers of parishoners.

Golly! He's such a handsome devil!

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