Left of Center: By Yukkione: More Bush lies confirmed
More Bush lies confirmed
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Time : 8:42 AM

The credibility of the Whitehouse is sliding faster than an Olympic bobsledder. Last week the Presidents approval rating was at about 37%. Today I read that, the CIA had a high ranking paid informant within the Iraqi government. This is the guy that gave the rebuttal to the now infamous Collin Powel speech in fron of the UN. His name is Naji Sabri and he was quite high up in the Hussein government as he was educated, and quite comfortable with western culture and thought. If you recall, at the time we also had Chalabi running around "curve ball", telling the Bush Whitehouse that Iraq was still producing and researching WMD. You see Chalabi wanted to run Iraq after Saddam, and that was ok with Bush. Unfortunately Chalabi was full of crap, he lied and stole money he was given to promote Saddam's ouster. Meanwhile, the CIA got hold of Sabri, through contacts with the French government. Sabri told the CIA what he knew. he told them that there were no WMD programs going on in Iraq, that they had been dismantled, and destroyed. Saddam of course wanted his enemies to think he had them as a matter of national security, but it was easy for the CIA to see through his charade. Sabri was ignored by the Bush Whitehouse because his information didn't support the actions they had in the works. Iraqi oil needed to be secured and supressed. As it's been said, Iraq is to be thought of as a perfect base for military operations sitting on an oil reserve. Nothing would stand in their way of the NeoCon plan. Not even the truth. To read more see the Story on MSNBC online.

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sometimes the rust falls from an old cliche and it shines showing why it became one in the first place: the truth is the first casualty ...

Lately the comments have not been opening for me, an error message has come up. Which is perhaps just as well. You don't need me to go all potty-mouthish on Chelabi.

If they gave Sabri $100,000...how much did Chelabi get?

Chelabi got millions, he got overr 100k per month just for his expenses. I know what you mean Lily I have the same problems frequently.

The truth is merely an impediment. Easy to bulldoze out of the way.

Chalabi was on the US payroll even for a while after the war began. He played his part and got paid for it. He should be in prison, along with a lot of other people who we all know and loathe.

The same problem? With comments or an almost Turette's like tendency to curse?

And I disagree with your comments on rap music, by the way, wanna fight? I'll pop you like a ho bitch.

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FPC .. with comments. lol Oh, I'll knock yo' Krunk ass back into yo' mommas womb.You'll be up in there so far, her baby's daddy won't have to pay child support."

Bu$hco will drain this country dry and the truth is buried so deep, we won't know what really happened for years to come. We will never be able to impeach Bush and the war will go on until "they" are through with it. They do not care what we think or think we know.

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