Left of Center: By Yukkione: Bush doesn't get it
Bush doesn't get it
Friday, March 24, 2006
Time : 7:38 AM

Dear president Bush, What is it about the word no that you don't understand? We told you no about the Dubai Ports World deal. Now you want to awards a no bid contract to a Hong Kong company to scan cargo for nukes in our ports. What? Doesn't Halliburton do this? Don't you understand dude, we don't want ANY foreign company in charge of ANY of our security. Period! Read the story here.
I remember several years ago when head Of Home Land Security did a speech and photo op at the port of Los Angeles. They shipped one of our three nuclear scanners from the Canadian border down there to give the illusion that this type of scanning was being done everywhere.

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Saw your Phillips at Big Brass. Where is it over here? I'm probably confused.

My what? Where?

LOL, I came here to leave a comment about your post, but now I'm laughing so hard at the previous posts here. You mean you left your "Phillips" somewhere and you didn't even miss it? Seems if you visited some place named Big Brass, you would have been extra sure not to leave your "Phillips" behind. LOL

LOL@Patricia. Oh she's funny. I know, I make no sense. At Big Brass Alliance there was an item posted on the book by Phillips. So I thought LOC posted it to let them know he posted on Phillips over here. Never mind.

Damn me I will stop annoying your guests. I am just hiding from Rhino. LOL.

They're not worried about terrorists. They're worried about poor people.

So many things the shrub does not get.
But then, Daddy or Rove has always gotten it for him...

or the Saudis and the UAE

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