Left of Center: By Yukkione: The Situation Redux
The Situation Redux
Saturday, March 04, 2006
Time : 2:02 AM

The Situation: The leader of a gang hears from sources that a rival gang leader has been staying at the house of your neighbor. He orders people under him to kill the rival. In the process of going after the rival, several members of your neighbors family are killed. The rival leader had not been there. The gang leader is arrested, and at his trial explains that the killing of your neighbor's family had been an accident, and that he had gotten bad information. Should his sentence be any less? What if on his orders over 30000 innocent people had been killed? What if the gang leader was the leader of a nation? What if he was George Bush?

This is a repost of one of my first blog postings. Nobody read the first 50 or 60 so I thought I would get some milage out of them. ;)

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Comments for The Situation Redux
Great post and good question , I don't have a very nice answer...good idea to repost from early on...well I am a regular now - so bring it on- I will read it all...

yeah what enigma4ever said!

Great post. It's always interesting to look at event from a slightly different perspective. I often find W's actions and arguments are little more the cardboard props with no substance behind them... or worse, something very dark and dangerous behind them.

It's also interesting how you could repost things written two, three or four years ago and not be able to tell whether we were talking about 2002 or 2006.

Well Shill I think this speaks to why we don't kill then ask questions. Why not wait and get things right ever???Not that its right if you are accurate, but the civilian loss is unacceptable.

I originaly thought of it as a question to ask a Bush cultists, so that they may follow a logic different than the one they were programed with.

hallelujah, brother. the situation worse than anything alex p keaton to dream up.

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