Left of Center: By Yukkione: Bill Maher show tonight
Bill Maher show tonight
Friday, March 03, 2006
Time : 7:49 PM

On tonights Bill Maher show on HBO Michael Brown, former FEMA director will be a guest. Also appearing.. comedian DL Hughley, editor/journalist Graydon Carter and correspondent Dana Priest.

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Comments for Bill Maher show tonight
I am going to have breakdown and order HBO...I need to see this...shoot...hmm maybe Crooks & Lairs will post...

( wouldn't you love to see Brownie and Cherrty have a bitch-slap-fest on the WH lawn...????sigh.....yup I need HBO)

Thanks for posting this...

"Asshole Bureaucrat Deathmatch" Remember that show with the claymation fights? (I must admit I loved that show, along with the other juvenile shows I love like South Park, Simpsons, Family Guy, Drawn Together-so dad, my mentality, soooo sad)

I will not pay for HBO. I WILL NOT. Never! On principle. if I pay $79 a month without anyhting good, I refuse to spend even more for Bill Maher and The L Word.

Left of Center is free. :)

so SAD. Not so Dad. Well, my dad watches stupid television too but he would never tell anybody. He acts like Bill Maher.

Just to let you know, you can always download episodes (and alot of other stuff)using Bit torrent. Download the BitComet client (free) and also get Peer guardian (free) PG prevents you from getting in trouble for downloading copyrighted content. run it before you run bit comet. Then go to a site like Mininova to search for the program you want, or use google to search (maher torrent) a torrent is a small file the bit torrent "client" uses to find and download the file you want.
Peer Gaurdian:

Thank God the Sopranos return next Sunday! Now Americans can again watch a show about traditional family values instead of constant reruns of Maher's infernal hippie-fest!

Watched that earlier. He didn't even MENTION that Bush had just blown the NPT all to hell. Didn't even mention it. He's getting more boring every week. No edge to the show any more. The interview with Harry Anderson was good, though.

I was thinking the same Neil. Last season seemed better

hmm was it worse for me? I had some laugh out loud moments. Some good points were made. I thought the part with the Oscar movies was lame in the extreme. I liked the discussion with the Ex CIA dude.(forgot his name)I'l reerve judgment till the next show. perhaps some of his writters skipped ove to the Culbere Report. (did i spell that right? to lazy to look)

What's wrong with Hippies? There are some good moments on Bill's shows and some of the time not so good. But I wouldn't miss it...because I want to hear all the dirt on 'B' I can get!

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