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Political test
Saturday, March 04, 2006
Time : 10:29 PM

I took this test awhile ago, and just retook it. Nearly the same result but interesting non the less. It's a political leanings test that asks a multitude of questions and attempts to place you within an understandable demographic.. You may be surprised. When you take it don't over-think the implications of your answers, just be honest. I will reveal my results after some others have.

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I've tried to take this test before, but could not find any answer to any question that I felt suited my own personal philosophy. I think it said that I was a Libertarian. Big surprise.

Hmm quite accurate I would think lew

I'm a democrat and almost in the socialist area. I'm permissive...I wonder if that means I go all the way?

"Strong Democrat", not quite a socialist. Now there's a big surprise...NOT! Doesn't account for my strong sense of paranoia, though.
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kvatch -- maybe it does! ;)

LOC, these tests are often used- 'indicating' questions that appear to convince you that you are actually something else. These guys had a whole booth set up at the Wash DC demonstration in May, last year I think. I talked to them for quite a long time and yes, if you answer the questions it blurs the lines, sure. I still correspond a year later with a person I met at one of these libertarian booths. We've gone round and round on this tactic. But the questions are designed that way, to be leading. At the demo they had this little chart and they put a little pin onto it to show how many liberals are supposedly confused about themselves. But the flaws of these tests are in the design. They are often out of context.

I ask Libertarians who would be responsible for coordinating the rescue in a massive catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina and they say that local people should band together and other assorted things. Ban together! Without electricity, tv, radio, telephones? Without even a sense of what has happened in some cases? See, I hear them on the idea that many of us have a mixed bag of political beliefs/labels but to categorically wag fingers at big intrusive government is silly. Government is what we make it. if we make it wasteful, redundant, inefficient and incompetent than this is about something far different than sitting around talking about how ALL bureacracy is bad or misguided. Read their platform very carefully, LOC, and let me know what you think sometime.

All that happens in the libertarian reality is that the next institution (the CHURCH) steps in instead like the old days. The lord of the manor, the church, whatever. There is always a relationship between communities with large needs and an entity willing to fill those needs. And a group that blames the ENTITY for all social problems. Whether you pin it on the church, a government, a Lord, a king: show me a libertarian system that has ever worked? Now an objectivist system at least recognizes certain realities. But what scoiety has ever had a libertarian model and NOT eventually sought protection by either being colonized or theolized? By either paying with crops or taxes for the protection of a feudal castle or wall? Don't let yourself get sucked in to what is essentially illogical.

I tested as a socialists leaning to democrat.. Thats interesting Mrs Lily.. I'll check that out. Thanks for everyones input.
oh and jason where did you come out?

LOC: I am a socialist ?...hmmm, and I just thought I was liberal...or a disheartened democrat....everytime I take one of these tests I get a little surprise...

well, time to go to the Meeting with the Comrades and pick up my Ayn Rand on the way...

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