Left of Center: By Yukkione: Chertoff out!
Chertoff out!
Saturday, March 04, 2006
Time : 2:41 AM

The word on the street is that Michael Chertoff is going to have a change of vocation quite soon. He is seen here preparing for his new gig.

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Comments for Chertoff out!
" Look out there evil doers, for I am Nildo, the Magnetic Dude!?

who knew he was such a hottie! or is that slut?

Wow Chertoff looks a bit better than I would have expected there, LOC. I mean, he's no David Gregory, but...

I can't believe I am saying that. Must be all the Johnny Depp at "Fat lady Sings". This chick needs to compose her damn self.

Behold: Magnet Porn.

No "wingnut welfare" think tank? Straight to costumes? Happy day.

hottie? slut? magnet porn? I think he goes beyond sexuality here.

LOL ... Magnet Porn !! That is soooo funny !!

LOC, obviously you cannot relate. But that's OK.


Oh, and yeah, Johnny Depp. Check out the other comments on JD on Lab Kat.

LOLOLOLOLOLO! yeah this is really going to get u guys re-elected. While you are busy writing your waste-of-time blogs, Republicans are rubbing lemon-scented Pledge into your caskets.
  • Posted at 7:39 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Anonymous quite nice of you for stopping by. Did, you pay a liberal to write that line for you, because I have yet to meet a conservative who can mimic humor so well. And um, I don't know if your paying attention, but your Republican dicks are dragging on the floor like your knuckles.

Repugs using Pledge? surely you jest they have the Maid use Liquid Gold....and lovely wooden hand rubbed caskets ? Ha! Don't you know they have already ordered body bags and little tin cans so we can straight to Hell ? geez nothing worse than a misinformed trolliebabe...

Obviously anonymous is busy reading waste of time blogs, and is not a Pledge sprayer with any clout...
  • Posted at 11:57 AM | By Anonymous LILY BRANFORD

I'm speechless with awe.

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