Left of Center: By Yukkione: MoveOn's Censure petition
MoveOn's Censure petition
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Time : 3:45 PM

Please go here and sign. Support Sen. Russ Feingold. I'm glad MoveOn is working this.

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Comments for MoveOn's Censure petition
I support Feingold too -- he makes Democrats look insane.

Remember how the frustrated Republicans looked in the late 1990s. Out of power for too long, they made up crazy conspiracy theories from the Chi-coms running the government to Vince Foster. They even went off the deep end and impeached WJC, and the public, seeing Clinton unfairly maligned, rallied to support him.

People supported Clinton because he was competent. The economy was good, and we had a balanced budget. people also knew that the plan to impeach Clinton involved forcing him to lie about what he considered a private matter. Just read the Book Blinded by the Right. it spells out the plan as seen by a former Republican that at the time participated in the plan. Bush on the other hand broke a law. He did an end run around FISA, even though the FISA law would have done everything he needed. this included applying for warrants AFTER the wire tap or search. The FISA court allowed nearly every warrant that was sought after. Russ Feingold has a record of non partisan legislation. He was the only Democrat the supported proceedings against Clinton. A MSCNC poll today put the public support for Impeachment at over 80%. Crazy conspiracy theory? The only insanity I see resides in the Whitehouse.

Left of Center --

Lately, the left has turned paranoid conspiracy theories into a cottage industry-- PNAC, the Saudis, Peak Oil, AIPAC, LIHOP, MIHOP, war for oil, Selection 2000 -- I'm sure you have a few of your own to add.

Impeachment will help Bush, not hurt him. Unlike Bush, Clinton did break the law (perjury) -- but voters aren't going to remove someone from office over a technicality. Feingold's just trying to rally insane Deaniacs to fuel his 2008 Presidential bid.

The poll you mentioned is not scientific.

I don't hold any conspiracy theories. I believe in the Intent of the Constitution, not whatever these people have twisted it into. The incompetency of George Bush is beyond anything a reasonable person could have anticipated, The debt, the trade deficit, Medicare, Katrina, cant I stop or should I go on. My children suffer because of Republicans,, Money I wish i could put toward college education is spent on health care. Jason, do you know what health care for a family of five costs per month since Bush? In my oldest son's classes they spend most of their time studying for tests that don't accurately reflect the knowledge a student has acquired. Part of no child left behind. Oh, and if Iraq isn't about oil, then they really must be fucking crazy.

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