Left of Center: By Yukkione: HBO season openers
HBO season openers
Monday, March 13, 2006
Time : 1:04 AM

Big Love?... Big cool
The Sopranos? Better than ever. What great writing. Just when I thought it was over, a senile and delusional Uncle Junior shoots Tony right in the gut. Thats gotta hurt.

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yeah, what's up with that. I missed last two seasons, but I will get caught up

And you know what's gonna save him? His fat! Chase set it all up with that scene where he's weighing himself and has to take off everything to get the scale down to 280. Mark my words. It's the fat that saves him.

They skipped two seasons actually. So you havent missed anything.
fat, yea I think he was wearing a built in ballistic vest.

So, even though I missed last season, I didn't miss anything? That's good. Right?

Actually, watching it last night, I felt as if some of the story lines went over my head (i.e., didn't get the full drift on the guy in jail) ... but in general I had no problem getting back in the flow. They even brought Drea Matea back !! What a surprise. Didn't realize at first it was a dream, and I was like, what? they left her for dead and she came back?

Anyway, I think Neil could be right about the weight thing. If he had a bullet-proof vest would he have been bleeding like he was (although, there wasn't THAT much blood, and it makes perfect sense that he wears kevlar all the time) Either way, interesting set-up. We'll see who's right next week !!

My problem was with the guy hanging himself. I argued to a friend after the show that I thought it was over-kill. Or maybe it was just too gruesome to watch.

I thought the hanging was a logical conclusion to that story thread. But it does leave a wife and a duggy kid with 2 million bucks.. probably wont be back in the story though.
What did you gusy think of big love? I didnt know bruce Dern was going tobe in it. Kind of gets complicated with the prophet and all that.

Sadly, I have never watched this show in my entire life. never get the references, never got to stand around the office while people talked about it. I will not pay for HBO. I will not pay it, Sam I am.

I didn't watch Big Love. I read an article in Slate earlier in the evening that said it was "boring" so I just went to bed after The Sopranos. Although, if I knew William Hurt was going to be in it ...

Lily, you are missing so much !! How's this: the new season of Entourage is starting up in June ... just get it for the couple of months to watch that. It will be worth it !!

Yes HBO is worth the money, unlike most other premium channels. Sopranos, Entourage, DeadWood, real Sex, Bill Mahre, Big Love.
Big Love was good. TYhey have set up what can be a great evolving story. Lots of actors I like.

Entourage is trash IMHO. Deadwood and Sopranos on the otherhand are two of the best shows on T.V. period. If it's not news, or these two shows, I don't waste my time with it.


The guy in jail is Johnny Sack, defacto boss of New York. He's in jail because he was snitched on. The guy who hung himself was a snitch (on Tony), which is one of the reasons he did himself in, the guilt caught up with him.

Check this out if your missing pieces of the story (I missed the first two seasons when I was in Germany).

Thanks Fred !

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