Left of Center: By Yukkione: Interview with Russ Feingold
Interview with Russ Feingold
Monday, March 13, 2006
Time : 8:11 AM

So this morning Soledad O'Brien interviewed Russ Feingold. Let me just say.. I don't even know why I still watch the cnn morning show. She is such an idiot! (Miles is too, but thats a different story.) The whole time she interviewed him she sounded absolutely dumbfounded that someone would actually try to censure Bush. She sounded just like a Bush Cultists. (but, the Senate hasn't proven it's illegal) (Senators think it's wrong to censure a president during a time of war.) I wish I had been taping this because she was just terrible. Feingold got her though when he said that the White house had a lot of people deceived. (speaking to her). It's no wonder so many of our populace are unthinking automatons. The people that are suppose to inform them are brain dead.

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"unthinking automatons"

That covers her and most of the other heads that perch on a chair and read whatever is in front of them to their TV viewers. No brain action required.

Shoot, I wish I had seen this interview but maybe it's good that I didn't cause I would have started off my day screaming at her.

I keep telling you to cut yourself off from that frightful morning banter. And as for Curmudgeon in Footware, did he not have a pic a few months back? A really awesome one? Hardly barbarian.I called him Comic Head before I knew his real name. Added bonus to the NS reads, as far as I was concerned.

Feingold needs to shave his head.

Is Soledad married to Assclown? And what ever happened to that horrible segment 90 second pop when Touche' or whatever the hell his name was would talk about celebrities? Talk about hating the television.
  • Posted at 11:09 AM | By Anonymous Lilianna Bennish

lol well thank you for your input "Lilianna". That pic was old when I had short hair. Was still a slave to the man back then. I doubt if she is married to him. It's just odd they have the same name. As for that awful 90 sec pop. I wrote them so much hate mail they had to drop it. Now if ZI can just get them to drop Blitzer. Oh Pop..I'm glad you didnt see it. I would probably here your yelling on this coast.

Someone has sold our 4th estate at Government auction. I wonder how much they owed in back taxes for Monica-gate.

OMG I SOOOO hate Blitzer,but he looks a little bit like my Dad, which is comical in itself. Last time my dad sent me a card with Libertarian propaganda on the envelope I sent him a picture of Wolf Blitzer photoshopped with his woman.

I still have the sign somebody taped to my home office door saying "the Situation Room" and I can't wait to slap that up over his desk.

Start writing hate mail for Miles then, let him go the way of Touche'.
  • Posted at 12:09 PM | By Anonymous lillianna bennish

Saw the interview, Soledad O'Brien was quite hostile. I think senator Feingold was very clear and spelled out his reasoning for calling for the censure. Soledad O'Brien was just itching for a fight, it was sad.
  • Posted at 1:12 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

You can co-sponsor Senator Feingold's censure resolution at http://www.progressivepatriotsfund.com/page/petition/censure0306.

Already did on your site Kat. thanks :)

Sort of a new take. Instead of the blind leading the blind we have the brain dead leading the brain dead. Nice!

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