Left of Center: By Yukkione: Let's see a movie
Let's see a movie
Sunday, March 12, 2006
Time : 11:27 PM

George and John mistakenly go to the premier of Bareback Mountain.

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Comments for Let's see a movie
I like your layout. Your pics are nicely done. You know, even I'd give Bush a Brokeback hug if I thought it'd get him out of office any quicker!

hehe Thanks poetryman, I think i would take one for the team too. I guess we're patriots. Thanks for stopping by

More Gay Polygamy! It's disgusting!

Gay Polygamy? You mean he's got a thing going on with Rove as well? And Cheney? And Rummy? Where does Condi fit into this? Oh yeah, she just carries the whip.

Well, all my questions are answered now.

Neil, it's all about choice. If george and john are down with it then who are we to cast stones?

True LOC. But what does Laura have to say about all this? And Babs? It must be coming as one hell of a surprise down in Crawford.

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