Left of Center: By Yukkione: Preemptive strike on Frist
Preemptive strike on Frist
Monday, March 13, 2006
Time : 4:02 PM

Senator Dr. Bill Frist is rich. Bill Frist even owns a 7.7 million dollar house in Washington DC. His tax alone on this 1927 mansion is over $33,000 per year. Some back ground on Dr. Bill Frist. He is a surgeon. During medical school he went to local animal shelters and adopted cats under the pretense of wanting a pet. He then conducted experiments on them resulting in the death of the cats. Nice start to your professional life there Bill. Senator Frist believes intelligent design should be taught in schools. He cetainly cow tows to the religious right. Dr. Frist travels all over the world paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. Then when legislation comes up regarding that industry, he capitulates. Frist is also being investigated for shady stock deals regarding drug company stocks. When Terry Schiavo had her feeding tube removed, Dr. Frist watched a video of her and concluded that she would be able to be rehabilitated. That she was the victim of bad care. After Mrs. Schiavo death, the autopsy concluded her brain was actually nearly non functioning, and that she had very little living brain tissue left. Why talk about Bill Frist? Because he looks to be the leading Republican so far in the 2008 presidential election.

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Comments for Preemptive strike on Frist
Not to worry, my hippie friend..."Doctor" Frist's showing in the straw poll was, much like the Democratic Party, an illusion.

You see, the good Senator has deviated just-enough from the superior neocon talking points that his fate has been sealed by the patriotic powers that be. Trust me, the 2000 so-called "smear campaign" against McCain in South Carolina will look like patty-cake when my boy Rove is done with him.

And yes after watching him this weekend on ABC vs Russ Feingold we now can question His Brain Tissue results- he didn't come off looking Intelligent even...and personally I would not even trust him to change the litter box much less care for cats....And don't forget his HCA family stock- He is still being investigated for questions about which legislation he also worked on while selling the family stock ( HCA- Hospital Corporation- slimey company that his family made some quick decisions to sell stock at the same time legislatively it was effected. And just for the record- it is never a good sign when the FEDS ask for your phone records and the phone records of the relatives....hmmm. He is still in Hot water...would just hate to see it heat up say in 2007...I personally am rooting that he catches that Cat Flu that is in France...)

and look how well he did presuading his buddies and cronies to support the prez on the port deal,hmmm. NOT.

Blog on...Blog on..

First isn't just rich - now he's fancy. Take that, RNC! (If you're unfamiliar with this, the National Republican Senatorial Committee last week created a site to ridicule Harold Ford, Democratic Senatorial hopeful in Tenn, with a site called FancyFord--which essentially called him a fancy man, which is essentially coding for a pimp. Oh, Mr. Ford is African American.)

regardless of whether he advances beyond his current power level ... this is truly frightening stuff ... sounds like he's got the right stuff to carry on in the spirit of this administration though ... including a lack of any moral decency or any priority higher than his own greed ... interesting enigma ...

Well, I must say, he certainly has the qualifications to be a Republican candidate. Rich, stupid, full of himself. Yeah, that qualifies...

Cautious and indecisive Senator Frist is a lot like Senator Kerry. Both try to cuddle their bases in the wrong way -- for example, Kerry voted against Gulf War I, and Frist was on the wrong side of the Terri Schiavo mess. Secondly, both are easily outmanuevered. Kerry let Dean run circles around him in the primary about being a flipflopper on the war, and Frist has let the Democrats outflank him on many issues from social security reform to illegals.

I'd look for Allen or Romney to get the nomination, though I'm a Giuliani partisan myself.

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