Left of Center: By Yukkione: Kunstler nails it
Kunstler nails it
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Time : 10:27 AM

Over at Clusterfuck Nation Jim Kunstler, has written what in my mind is the definitive explanation of what is going on with America today. His criticism is right on, and the humor is acidic. We have a Mommy and Daddy nation, and we're as dysfunctional as any family that has appeared on the Jerry Springer show

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Comments for Kunstler nails it
Love Kunstler but have to admit I did not read this yet...too busy hanging out at places like Left of Center. That Shill posts too often, I tell ya.

GOP = mean Father
Dems= kind Mother

That is exactly what George Lakoff says, too. Lakoff also says like it or not, Repukes know how to frame an issue. Yeah, when you repeatedly tell the same lie AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, it is pretty easy to pass it off as believable, huh?

Problem is Mother doesnt have a clue, and she's been backhanded so many times she's afraid to speak up.

I love Kumstler as well, but only in a heterosexual type respect way.

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