Left of Center: By Yukkione: Exxon, criminal corporation
Exxon, criminal corporation
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
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In 1989 the Exxon oil tanker Valdez, under the command of drunken captain Joesph Hazelwood, ran aground and dumped eleven million gallons of oil into the pristine waters of Prince William sound. The oil spread out over thousands of miles of coastline killing thousands of birds, otters, fish. The local population of Prince William Sound, mostly fisherman, were instantly put out of business. Where fishing could previously make them $100,000 per season, they were now jobless and contending with foreclosures, bankruptcy, and addiction. The courts, citing Exxon's fault in the matter, awarded the people in the town of Cordova 5 billion dollars. Exxon has yet to pay ANY of those damages. Even though in 2005 they made a record 35 Billion dollars. So keep on driving your big SUV gas hogs. Keep supporting a company that fucks Americans, then charges them for the service. Don't demand accountability from any corporation. Don't demand accountability from your elected officials who are partners in crime. Where is Sen Ted Stevens? Oh, he's building bridges to nowhere, and deflecting accusations away from the Bush administration.

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Did you get the dvd from Sierra Club? I posted on that at LTN, maybe its not your kind of thing but I am doing it!

I havent got the DVD, didnt know about it. Will check it out. thanks Lily


Harpies shriek: "Bring back the barbarian!!!"
  • Posted at 2:49 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

hmm anon has injected what I can only surmise is obtuse humor into the discusion.

Obtuse yes... humor... not so much.

I remember watching the news in 89 (I think I was 15 yrs old at the time) and just crying my eyes out at those oil soaked birds and all of the washed up carcasses. Sweet Jesus... they haven't paid 1 dime yet? How do these cretins sleep at night?

Well, the sad thing is Exxon is guilty of worse crimes. Like the wholesale slaughter if indiginous peoples in Africa and south America where they find oil.

They don't sleep at night...they come out of their coffins and roam the streets looking for more people and animals to victimize.

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