Left of Center: By Yukkione: Gross ass Lips!
Gross ass Lips!
Monday, March 20, 2006
Time : 11:17 PM

I found this add on a Yahoo news site. It hasn't been altered by yours truly. What kind of a nut case would allow this to be done to her lips? It would actually look better if these freakish puss cocoons were inverted. My gag reflex is in overdrive looking at these bloated collagen sacks. Do women really think this looks good to men. I've seen carp with better lips. Nothing offends my eye more than Plastic Surgery Disasters.

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plastic plastic everywhere enough plastic

Ugh. File that in the grosser than gross archive. Artificially puffy bloated lips are no doubt unattractive, but I can't say that 'chicken lips' do it for me either. (:-P)

gross ASS lips is right. it is like kissing an asshole. not that I have literally kissed an asshole or anything. oops, i have said too much

i don't have the facts to back this up (and not going to look right now) but i believe i read somewhere women are spending MORE MONEY ON LIP TREATMENTS than any other type of cosmetic (not surgery, just cosmetics).

by the way that shite ain't cheap either

Shill this is an ad for a topical lip APPLICATION not surgery. There is no evidence that lip size can be at all enhanced by anything applied unless it causes inflammation. Like applying shellfish to somebody allergic might do it. Its a scam like any other beauty treatment that uses vanity to rob women of their money based on the desperation some have of looking better as their self esteem hinges upon that. I don't think brassy yellow hair with black roots looks all that hot either but tell THAT to the millions of wanna be blondes.

Now what you are questioning is if this is ATTRACTIVE. Attractive is usually based on who is hot on movies or tv. Right now Angelina Jolie is hot so everyone wants thick pouty lips. Years ago everyone wanted Jennifer Aniston hair or Rachel hair or Kate Moss eyes or J LO glasses or Uma eyebrows or Gywneth blonde or Shakira waxes... Thats just the ways these things work. Sadly, many women do dangerous things to achive what does not come naturally to them and thats sad. But I think full lips are more attractive from an OBJECTIVE standpoint. Mine are kinda pouty looking so I guess Graeme should shun me!!!!

oh i meant to wish you a happy birthday.

(oh and i have VERY thin lips, almost NO eyelashes BUT i do have me some giant......ummmmmmmm breastesesesesesesseseesseseessseseseseses and child bearing hips too)

Hey Lily, I know these lips arent a product of the product advertised. That product however works by irritating the lips via a mild alergic reaction. How clever. As to lips , Mine would be consider full as well, not so pouty as I would hate that. lol but having a tiop lip that is thincker than the bottom is quite uncommon if not unnatural.

LOL "freakish puss cocoons"! Love that. "The Puss Cocoons" would be a magnificent band name, wouldn't it?


lol Steal away. My material is out there to enrich the world.

A recent episode of "Drawn Together" had "Waldoor Sockbat" (sp?) performing vaginal cosmetic surgery on one of the female characters. This is a CARTOON! She was never satisfied with the way it looked, so he had to repeat the surgery so many times that she ended up with Joan Rivers... That's all I'm going to say. Am I the only freak watching this cartoon late nights on the Comedy Channel?

I see it, has some really funny moments. That episode was one of the better ones. The writing is usually pretty funny. I like alot of the Adult Swim stuff on the Cartoon network too. Like Seall lab 2020, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, family Guy...

The more women alter their appearance to look "beautiful" the uglier they look to me.

murat you may have been watching a cartoon, but there IS actual surgery to alter one's labia if one wants that is (why the HELL would one WANT to unless there was illness involved????????)

oh and there is also anal bleaching (and no i'm NOT making this up)

I presumed that vaginal surgery was a reality, but the bleaching is new to me. Customers of either procedure are no doubt fascinating people. Would love to meet one and ask some questions.

I read about the bleaching too. lol It started with porn actresses. just thought you might want to know that.