Left of Center: By Yukkione: The Sopranos 2nd episode
The Sopranos 2nd episode
Sunday, March 19, 2006
Time : 9:59 PM

Great show tonight. No spoilers here, but discuss in comments.

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Comments for The Sopranos 2nd episode
So in the last episode (1st one of the new season) uncle Junior ended up shooting Tony. So when tonights show started I'm wandering at first if Tony didnt dream it all. But soon you realise that he is dreaming in the hospital while in an induced coma. But still.. you see his dream is of living a regular life, all be it a boring one. I liked seeing that.. him being a regular guy. Silvio and Paulie Walnuts will be running things it looks like. that will surely lead to problems. Whats with the Arab guys in the strip bar, and the terrorism tie in?

i'm not reading your comments yet! i will watch episode #2 on demand today. can't wait

(loved #1)

I've never seen the Sopranos. Refuse to pay for anything extra from Adelphia cable. They steal enough from me each month for 79 basic stations, about seven of which I ever watch.

Mr. Pop is all wrapped up in "24"
His life gets put on hold when the show comes on. I tease him about being hooked on a nighttime soap.

I can relate Pop, I hate paying for extra channels. You should get Direct tv. It's sooooo much better than cable.. cheaper and better customer service. Plus all the stations are digital, not just some. But HBO has alot to offer. The Sopranos and Big Love, Bill Maher, Deadwood, Real sex series, some movies.

I was pretty disappointed overall. I wrote a "mini-review" on my site, so I won't rehash it here But bottom line (in my opinion): I think the writers are tired, it's time to put The Sopranos to bed. Maybe they should have called it quits last season.

And yeah, that potential terrorist subplot was a bit annoying. What was that about anyway?

Usually they wait until a few episodes in before they do one of those 'filler' shows. There's a word for those, where a series will do a 'cheap' episode with only a couple of sets, but I can't think of it. And you know what? I didn't have an ounce of sympathy for the fat fuck. All I could think was, 'This is a goddamn murderer!' Yeah, and that terrorist bit...just stupid. Are those two guys supposed to be from some New Jersey sleeper cell, hanging out with the real American terrorists? Strip clubs and shots of booze? Hell, I've seen take-offs on that on MAD-TV.

Sorry, don't watch it. Never have. Cannot join your fun today.

There's always bittorrent, but I didn't say that.

I missed the first few seasons too. But now as Al said you can download them on bit torrent.

I just cancelled my comcast for Direct TV...I love it. Have the DVR option on it. The thing rocks.

As far as Soprano's goes last night.

I liked Paulie Walnuts comment to Christopher "All right Van Helsing, lets go"

oh and I am always a sucker for a good fart scene. Other than that I thought it lacked some punch, that said it was coming off a blockbuster opening.

Who thinks he dies?

oh yea the van Helsing comment was great. And the fart scene. hehe little stuff like that makes a show so much more interesting. I think the overall tone of the show was needed like the calm before the storm. I think asll hell is going to break loose and this show waas just to se that al up and contrast it.

I dont have the DVR option on my DTV, but I use a cheap garage sale computer runnning Linux as a DVR. cheaper for me.

I liked the Van Helsing comment as well ... it was very surprising.

paulie had a couple of good comments (i forgot the other one). van helsing was said to aj not christopher. oh it wasn't paulie it was ro when she called him FABIO!

i liked the first two episodes of the new season a bit more than anita did. not a fan of the kids, especially aj.

i liked the crack about gene killing himself perhaps because 'he's gay' made by the dude who was having oral sex with the night watchman at one of the jobs...........

hehe yea Rose I got a chuckle out of that too. (visions of his head popping up)

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