Left of Center: By Yukkione: Not ispired for news today
Not ispired for news today
Monday, March 20, 2006
Time : 3:47 PM

Nothing in the last couple days has really motivated me much. nothing that isn't over covered elswhere at least. So I've been playing around with graphics and made a couple computer screen backgrounds. Click the image for full size and save as background.

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Cheer up L.O.C. you sound a little bummed out. Also if you can, see behind the illusion of the left right, red blue, republican democrat, liberal conservative paradigm. Its all an illusion. Meant to get people into the activity of group think.
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Your right Casey. I'm alittle off my routine. I have out of town relatives visiting. (living in florida that happens alot) I'm also finding some of the current news stories depressing and writing about them seems redundant, and the stupidity of whats going on is obvious. I'll be recharged in a day or so though.

LOC, I get that way too. It's hard to keep attacking and deconstructing the same old banal propaganda.

It helps to use a different approach now and then.

Very nice background!

I'm in the same boat (i.e., flattened by the ever-continuing wall of obfuscation and the seeming inability of the mass media or the Democrats to fully understand that danger to our democracy). That and I've gotta write content for 20-odd bedding sets for Amazon (amazing what one does to pay the bills when you're a freelancer). Keep fighting the brave fight! And seriously consider getting 300-thread-count sheets or higher--you'll enjoy smooth comfortability... or something like that. (PS - nice background - I got out my glowsticks...)

Thanks Agen. You sure are productive considering your writing copy as well.

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