Left of Center: By Yukkione: The real reason for the Iraq war
The real reason for the Iraq war
Monday, March 20, 2006
Time : 10:36 PM

I first saw this over at Morning Martini. Thanks Pop for posting this. I think it's a really devious angle on the reasons for the Iraq war. I wanted to post it as well.

The Guardian
Monday, March 20, 2006
by Greg Palast

Get off it. All the carping, belly-aching and complaining about George Bush's incompetence in Iraq, from both the Left and now the Right, is just dead wrong.

On the third anniversary of the tanks rolling over Iraq's border, most of the 59 million Homer Simpsons who voted for Bush are beginning to doubt if his mission was accomplished.

But don't kid yourself -- Bush and his co-conspirator, Dick Cheney, accomplished exactly what they set out to do. In case you've forgotten what their real mission was, let me remind you of White House spokesman Ari Fleisher's original announcement, three years ago, launching of what he called,

"Operation Iraqi Liberation."

O.I.L. How droll of them, how cute. Then, Karl Rove made the giggling boys in the White House change it to "OIF" -- Operation Iraqi Freedom. But the 101st Airborne wasn't sent to Basra to get its hands on Iraq's OIF.

"It's about oil," Robert Ebel told me. Who is Ebel? Formerly the CIA's top oil analyst, he was sent by the Pentagon, about a month before the invasion, to a secret confab in London with Saddam's former oil minister to finalize the plans for "liberating" Iraq's oil industry. In London, Bush's emissary Ebel also instructed Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, the man the Pentagon would choose as post-OIF oil minister for Iraq, on the correct method of disposing Iraq's crude.

And what did the USA want Iraq to do with Iraq's oil? The answer will surprise many of you: and it is uglier, more twisted, devilish and devious than anything imagined by the most conspiracy-addicted blogger. The answer can be found in a 323-page plan for Iraq's oil secretly drafted by the State Department. Our team got a hold of a copy; how, doesn't matter. The key thing is what's inside this thick Bush diktat: a directive to Iraqis to maintain a state oil company that will "enhance its relationship with OPEC." ...... Please go here to read the rest.

Wow, this is deep, and beyond the typical rant about the war being about oil. I want of course to see documentation. facts. dates. But it really makes sense.


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Comments for The real reason for the Iraq war
Nobody pisses me off more than Greg Palast, and I mean that in a good way. I caught this article today at Information Clearinghouse and was incensed. Palast was also the first person to break the story of the scrubbed voter rolls in FL 2000, and if you haven't read The Best Democracy Money Can Buy I recommend it highly.

I havent read it yet. have one to go before I can take the plunge. With so many sources for information it's hard to hit them all regularly. Plus I follow alot of tech, science, and umm gaming news. Glad you agree as it sems to be a sensible argument

palast rocks ... heard him speak about the election theft (first one) and he had a lot of the documentation he dug out with him ... he backs his shit up

I don't believe it was just about oil. The Neocons also want to control the region—and the oil pipelines—in terms of American hegemony. To do that they need military bases, and the ones in Saudi Arabia were troublesome. [Not that the ones in Iraq will be any less so.] Plus, I don't believe they ever wanted a strong, democratic Iraq, which could challenge the US later. It's as if each flare-up of violence furthers the Neocon agenda to increase our military presence.

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