Left of Center: By Yukkione: So let it be written, so let it.....
So let it be written, so let it.....
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
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In 1995 in the spirit of open government, President Clinton signed a declassification order which rapidly brought many formerly secret files kept by the government to light. However, our CIA and other agencies did not accept that many of these documents should be public knowledge, and immediately began “reclassifying” documents. They began a secret review which then accelerated under the Bush Whitehouse. Thirty or so reviewers, mostly CIA and defense related agencies work in a million dollar safe room deciding what is fit for public consumption. Important things like the CIA's failure to predict Chinas entry into Korea two weeks before it did. Historians who have ferreted out this reclassification say that many of the reclassified documents are just ridiculous. Many they say have subject matter that has no relevance to national security, or was published in government studies that are public knowledge. The reason for this I would speculate would be to create white noise. Like writing over computer data with rubbish, to make the real targets disappear in the ditrious. At any rate, this wholesale rewriting of our countries document history is Orwellian.
Read more in this link to the NYT and the story written by Scott Shane.

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Comments for So let it be written, so let it.....
Extremely bizarre, 'Orwellian' as you say. The Bushies do have good reason (from their perspective) to re-write history. Or, in their case, it might benefit them to erase it all together. George is sittin' in the White House chuckling, "Boy! I sure do have them 'scholars' confused, don't I?"

As you know, the present is full of lies about the past, and the longer the lies go unchallenged the faster they are indisputable truth... always a cheerful read at LOC...

The thing about going back into Pre Korean war history is the interesting thing. I guess you have to rewrite the foundation so you can build your myth upon it.

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