Left of Center: By Yukkione: New Season Starts
New Season Starts
Friday, February 17, 2006
Time : 8:00 AM

Just a reminder. Bill Maher starts his new season on HBO Friday the 17th. I love Bill's commentary, and think his show represents one of the few realms where people can speak unfiltered. Of course many women hate him because of his misogynistic tendencies. I don't condone that, but as I told one woman..If a woman is with Bill because he is famous and rich, then she knows what she's getting. So misogynistic or not it's her choice. Nelson Chang has been heard saying that Bill is brilliant. Then again Mr. Chang has also been witnessed rolling on the floor laughing while watching Will and Grace.

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Comments for New Season Starts
I guess it's good to have it back. Though I must say that by the time it went on it's most recent hiatus, about the only thing I still liked about it was 'New Rules'. I think it was his insistence on pandering to right-wing shitheads to try to enlarge his audience. I hope he's cut that shit out.

Not a bad show. Lots of missed opportunity with at least two of the guests. Eddy whats his name was a waste of time.

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