Left of Center: By Yukkione: Was the garden of eden in Indiana?
Was the garden of eden in Indiana?
Saturday, February 18, 2006
Time : 8:06 PM

Many religious folks say the earth was created about 6000 years ago, and if a recent finding pans out, then Indiana could be the original Eden. According to a story in the associated press, an oak tree recently found buried in Edinburgh Indiana could be 6000 years old. A dredge operator found it in 40 feet of sand and gravel. What implecations could there be if this is true? Might we find the remains of the original man and woman? Are the bones of Adam and Eve there, laying side by side with the bones of dinosaurs and other creatures? Might we have more insight into the earliest of Bible tales? What a wonderful story the creator has woven, with the beginning of all things, being discovered on the threshold of the Rapture. I'm beyond words.

btw I bought a telescope for my son so we can go out at night and watch the universe orbit around the Earth.

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Comments for Was the garden of eden in Indiana?
Are you sure they won't find the remains of ONE hermaphrodite?
Funny how everything revolves around us. No wonder we have carte blanche to destroy it all.

Ramones, eh?

( I love that you got your son a telescope...)

Garden of Eden...but there aren't snakes in Indiana are there?

As all right-thinking Americans know, the earth is in fact 10,000 years old (go look in Genesis, count the "begats" and multiply by Jesus' waist size and you'll come to the same conslusion.)

Rex- it was Geesus' s SHOE size...

( ooops sandal size)

I bet they will find a heart carved in the tree with "E + A" intertwined and with the date "October 24, 4000 B.C.". That should finally satisfy the 'scientific' community!

Unfortunately, carbon dating used to test the trees true age requires some one with a knowledge of science to operate.

Indeed Neil. The scientific community of faith is certainly holding it's breath.
hermaphrodite? Such an abomination never existed until Copernicus started medeling with things.
The telescope bit was used as a literary device. But we do have one. :)
I think the Bible says Jesus was a 32 so...

Jesus would not have been a 32 with his propensity for shunning meals- I believe the blue eyed, long hair Jesus with gaunt anorexia needed to be a bit slim to remain on that slab o' hickory.

I wonder how soon a theme park will emerge. We can ride the snake into the apple pie. Glad to have found you.

did the loaves and fishes feed all the dinosaurs too?

Pat Robertson co. theme park?

Snakes into apples pies...was there a movie about that?

yes there was.. I saw it at band camp

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