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Samarra Story
Friday, February 17, 2006
Time : 11:54 AM

I just read this story by Tom Lasseter
Knight Ridder Newspapers
have stopped counting how many of these stories I have read. A town in Iraq. A small contingent of US soldiers.
More young American men being forced into killing for reasons no one seems to understand. Protecting Americas Freedom? Tell that to the young man with the dead, expressionless stare. The young man that just shot a person who was returning to his house. This post is just to remind everyone that there are stories out there that rival that of a loose Wippet dog in NY. (yea sorry CNN.. home of wippet news)
Picture taken from www.truthout.org

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I totally agree, and did not mean to be harsh about the damned dog in my own comments but its a DOG. Now another dog was electrocuted in NYC because of ConEd's negligence, and I heard only a snippet of that. But a SHOWDOG! A status dog! Sorry if I am not sobbing uncontrollably.

Now don't get me wrong, I like dogs. I also am not unmoved by the tragedy of confused brides and pretty blonde white victims. But the coverage disparity is ridiculous. And now we see it with DOGS? I swear I was flipping through channels and three different stations had the show dog. There is something WRONG here! I saw a neighbor who said "Shame about that dog, eh?" AM I CRAZY? This hippie felt like slapping today.

today I heard from the dogs owner that she LIED about the dogs worth so that law enforcement would send out the helicopters. She laughed about it. hehehe So we spent thousands of the tax payers dollars to go on a dog hunt. Where is that pineapple I keep for these people?

Well, better the helicopters be used for dogs than say, transporting vital organs, injured people, or real law enforcement. Or to provide port security!

Damn. But how can one measure the REAL worth of a dog? In fake tears?

They'd probably leave my ass decomposing in a dumpster... I must post on this damned dog. Its pissing me off.

Well, I missed the dog story but the Samarra thing makes me want to vomit.


Because it HAD to be done!

I saw the post you named as well...have you seen the No Bravery video over at Huffington Post....it is amazing....chilling....( Iraq issue)

Now about the dog- I think I missed something...Missing showdog..the media is focused on it because there are no missing white women this week...? ( Lilly you need to post on this- go for it...)

I don't wanna read about that depressing stuff. I wanna read about really dumb stuff like...oh, like Steven Seagal is going to lead the 'Orpheus Parade' in New Orleans. And...oh yeah, how Tiger is having a little trouble with his swing. Say, have you heard about his new den? I hear his new den is fantastic! I think it cost him like a million bucks or something. Dead soldiers? Dead civilians? Dead country?...Who cares?!

great comments all.. your a silly lot!
you to Lily.. um er Whippet. As for Tiger.. man like a could give fuk what celebrities do.Although Once, back in my college days, some classmates and me skipped a life drawing class, and went to a museum. After pounding some beers in the parking lot we went in. Wandering around the vast galleries I turned a corner, and ran smack into Vincent Price. (he was always my fav) I grew up watching his movies on Saturday afternoons. I sputtered that I was a big fan, he in his typical gracious way thanked me and hoped I would enjoy my time in the museum. Hmm where was I going with this?

I don't know whereyou were going but I was along for the ride...I was enjoying it...loved hearing about the great Vincent.....See we knew you had been touched by Greatness..or bumped by it...

I also get drunk before visiting museums. You should have seen me roll down the Guggenheim.

I'm all about taking myself seriously, you know. Speaking of art, I had trouble finding a television picture to doctor up with that Whippet. I persevered for you, for the cause of mockery, because I too want to shine a light into the beady eyes of dog show morons.

I thought whippets meant getting high on Redi-Whip.

yea it was called Hippy crack on the dead tours. a buck a balloon. (big balloons)

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That was too sobering...I haven't words to discribe the emotions it evoked in me. Sure...anger and sadness...yet there's something else that I can't quite put my mind on. The B. administration...they are even bigger fools than I thought possible plus infinity. Oh...I'm talking about the article...not the dog btw.

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