Left of Center: By Yukkione: The Shower
The Shower
Sunday, February 19, 2006
Time : 8:00 PM

So today I was going to take a break from the blog and just enjoy my 40th birthday. I had DVD's to watch, wine to drink, and a big apple pie to eat. (two other birthdays this months means cake is getting overdone.) So... after the Pie it was time for my two oldest boys to take a shower. One is 7, the other 5. I started the water, and got the 5 year old in. As I prepared the other to get in I turned, and was astonished to see the cat was on the edge of the tub, and Malcolm the 5 year old was peeing on it. The all white cat was now dappled with yellow and apparently had no problem with this. (Where is my wine glass?) "Malcolm, why did you pee on the cat?" "She was trying to attack me." Oi!

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LOL! Well, hey dude, you're going to remember THAT birthday present, aren't you? And congrats! Happy b-day! Now go piss on a cat...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Your kid sounds awesome!!! Thats hilarious! Best gift he could give you, I bet!

You enjoy your day (whats left of it) and leave the misery of blogarama alone. The world will still suck tomorrow.

First day of forty.... do you feel different? Are you going to buy a fast car?

Happy (belated) Birthday LOC !!

40, wow ... I remember 40 ... it was, uh, well, hmmm, never mind. 40 is good ... It is !!!

And the cat story ... unusual. You'll never, ever forget your 40th birthday now !!

Enjoy your blogging reprieve !!


Clearly, your son is a right-thinking neocon (probably in reaction to your abject hippie-ism.) We must pee on the cats on the edge of the tub before they can pee on us INSIDE the tub!

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Hmm. OK, LOC. Hope you enjoyed that PIE. Tell us about the pie. Was it everything you hoped it would be? Succulent, flaky, just the right combination of salty pastry/sweet filling? Was it lattice topped, open, topped with ice cream? Did anyone pee on it??? :)

I'm sorry. There I go again. I would just rather hear about this great kid than the pie. I have a weakness for kid rebellion. Its adorable.

Thanks all.
Rex, he does sound abit like he is developing neocon tendencies. I wont be entertaining him IN the bath anytime soon. great comment
Txex92. Pie was great, and still have some left.

What an all Amurikan birthday. What could be better than apple pie and pee stained cats. Hope the fun didn't end there.

Belated good wishes and many happy more to come.

You know how cats like to attack dangly things....Happy Belated Birthday

Hey happy birthday! Kids have a great idea on what to do when under attack.

Happy Birthday....and I have heard that in Ancient times piss of the cat was considered a gift of good fortune....May your 40's be wonderful...and may your two boys keep you young...

Uh-oh....Is your son named R Kelly, though, by any chance???????


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R Kelly.. lol very funny. And the current count for kids is three. the third boy is one and a half.

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