Left of Center: By Yukkione: Garden Variety Slugs
Garden Variety Slugs
Friday, February 17, 2006
Time : 10:53 AM

Well, Rove wins again. After a frenzy of calls, visits and threats, Carl Rove has silenced, dissent in the GOP, and has killed any chance of the Senate investigating the NSA wiretapping. Republican slugs let more Bushco intrusion go unopposed. If they keep this up Cheney will have to approve another raise. Pictured right, is Carl Rove displaying some of his favorite Senators.

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Comments for Garden Variety Slugs
Hmmm. Looks like he pulled 'em out of his ass. Nice color. I bet somewhere in "Karl's Kitchen Favorites" is this direction: "Stick 6 Republicans Senators up your butthole to warm. Remove when willing to keep their fucking traps shut!"

Thank you Neil- that was just lovely- I had a nice snippy , even witty little comment all planned ,but no you had to go and mention Rove's ass...and it's contents...haylahdhhhhhh
( me heaving on my shoes)


now where oh where can I find an Orwellian Mind Enema....


lol, best ones I've read all day.

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