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Whitehouse attack Shrew
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Time : 9:57 AM

Yesterday Frances Fragos Townsend, a White House adviser, came out to defend the President and Mr. Chertoff saying that they were fully engaged with hurricane planing starting days before Katrina made landfall. She placed the blame squarely on the former FEMA director's shoulders. Mr. Brown was fully scapegoated in typical Bush Whitehouse fashion. Of course Mr. Chertoff has said that he is fully responsible. However, Mr. Bush has said this as well. It really means nothing as their form of responsibility holds no penalty for failure or incompetence. Chertoff was scheduled to testify today before the investigative panel, but that was canceled so senators could attend to tax legislation. More on Mrs. Townsend's yapping can be read here.

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Comments for Whitehouse attack Shrew
They are absolute MASTERS are scapegoating. Jesus! Cheney even blamed the guy HE SHOT for getting in the way of his bullets! Sheez...

During the hearings with Brown, Sen. Akkaka from Hawaii (D) was telling Brown to accept blame. To illustrate his point, the Senator invoked Harry Truman's "buck stops here" resolve.

The Senator, just assumed that Truman comment applied to Browm, a second level, sub-cabinet officer.

The Senator, normally a smart man, never even stopped to realize that the Truman maxim applies to Bush, not to Brown.

This is why Bush and Chertoff will escape blame. Bush has people, even his political opponents, subconsciosly conditioned to deflect and shift blame away from him.

This works many ways - when Bush evokes the wishes of the Generals in Iraq, he is also shifting blame to them. He compensates with some sloganeering about "accountability," etc.

Chertoff also looks more competant on TV, so that will obviate the fact that the report blames him rather than the more TV problematic Brown.

This Cheney shooting incident will probably help with base for hard to explain reasons. Just stopping by. Stop by.

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