Left of Center: By Yukkione: Cheney Shoots old man!
Cheney Shoots old man!
Sunday, February 12, 2006
Time : 9:16 PM

Today while hunting Vice President Cheney Shot an old man full of bird shot. He was later sadened to hear that the man survived. One less soul to pay Satan for his powers.

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Comments for Cheney Shoots old man!
I heard it was part of the new government War on Avian Bioterrorism. It's too bad Dick doesn't get in the way of his own bullets.

BTW: The left (bad) ovary IS the boy ovary.

Neil- about the Ovary- I think you been had dude....

Love the art here...and yup...Friendly Fire has taken on a Whole new meaning...Brian Williams described it as one Strange Incident on the news....hmm, not good when your hunting is described as Strange... the poor guy is ICU with Head, Neck and face, and Chest wounds....way to go Dick...
( I confess I was vacuming and saw on the ticker"VP involved in Hunting accident-" my heart did a leap of joy...until I learned the truth...damn...)

hehe right on... btw neil, it was very odd, your site didnt update for me for like two days. I thought you were on vacation, then suddenly it did update and all the pics had lots of comments, quite strange.

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