Left of Center: By Yukkione: Plame leak
Plame leak
Monday, February 13, 2006
Time : 6:13 PM

This story may be more serious than we really suspected. It's being reported now that she was actively working on tracking nuclear tech in the mid east, and was especially engaged in the Iran developments. If this is true then her outing has serious "homeland Security" consequences, and those responsible should really be in a world of trouble. I first saw this new development on The Raw Story.

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Comments for Plame leak
According to Wayne Madsen reports of a while back, Plame was outed because Brewster Jennings intercepted a shipment of WMDs going through Turkey to be planted in Iraq as evidence of Saddam's weapons program.
Now no one can say for sure if Iran is enriching uranium for nuclear power or nuclear weapons, thereby potentially discrediting the White House's claims as it makes a case for bombing Iran.

I remember seeing something about that lew. Funny how everything ties in so neatly.

Yeah, you know, we really know shit about anything. Maybe 10% of the story, if that.

yeah, but that 10% is always enough to make me lose sleep and drink Maalox...

"planting evidence" ...and you know what is so sad about that phrase..it doesn't even shock me..or make me blink twice....

About Plame- I think we always suspected that they went after her too hard , and WHY???

Yes, it ties together a little too neatly.

I agree with Enigma, what we DO know is enough to send us screeching.

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