Left of Center: By Yukkione: Should right wing Dems be removed?
Should right wing Dems be removed?
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Time : 1:53 PM

Cast your Move -On vote now. I of course voted YES!
Oh by the way Cheney's victim had a small heart attack at a result of being shot.

Pictured is Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas. He might as well be a Bush Republican.

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Comments for Should right wing Dems be removed?
Surgically removed? :)

I'm having a small Leiberman removed from my left But-tock.

OK I suck. I made a joke again, and Seriously- I should have responded to your question. YES. I think that the strategy of the Dems has been to move to what they think is the center, alienating their progressive constituents and traditional support base. I think the Dems, and Lieberman is a great example, DO pander, sell out, and should be held accountable. But one problem is that when the Dems on rare occasion flex some muscle, they are viewed as whiners or divisive. They have to play this game better! Dems need to let go of liabilities like Hillary and Lieberman, and champion Obama and other positive people. Even Schumer, with some demeanor coaching.

An example is in Pennsylvania where Santorum will run against Casey. Now clearly Santorum has got to go, but Casey is opposed to Choice and is not exactly a 'progressive' Democrat. Chuck Pennachio IS a progressive Democrat but he can't be heard, will not get support, because it is a matter of just focusing on getting out Santorum. And this is the way they play. They do not go with who best represents the Dem platform (as if we know what that is anymore!) they go with pandering for that 'middle' demographic. They KNOW liberals are in the bag, so they don't care. Now Third parties can play a role in forcing the Democrats to compete for the far left on platform, but that only works when Republicans have a Third party challenger to cancel the numbers out, like Buchanan. When it is a question of Dem, Repub, and Green, liberals are too afraid to go with green because it will help the Republicans and races have been so close.

So yes, actually I DO think that the Democrats need to do some soul searching, and as Move On points out, this can be risky business. The choice for the Democratic response after SOTU though tells us where the Dems are going. Good points were made, but the pandering to faith?

I think that a four party system is needed: Green, Democrat, Republican, and Wingnut. Thanks LOC for your post.

See why I make a dumb joke and move on? :)

I see Whittington's doctors say, "We call this a 'silent heart attack'." Oh yeah. I'd say it's a big, loud heart attack...you know, like with a fucking gun?!

OH, and the killer Dems should be removed...but not in favor of killer Repubes.

yea Lily your right.. 4 parties would be so cool wouldn't it. I don't think all democrats need to fall into a certain mold. they need to represent the people in their districts and that can be tough. A lot of Dems are in red states and precariously hold their jobs. Whatever way they swing though, they need to get out the progressive message. It's good for people, it's good for the country. Dems need to let people know they will be smart and tough on terrorism, but without sacrificing individual liberties. That part of making Americans secure, is seeing that they are healthy, and have access to health care that is affordable. That they have equal access to higher education, and not just the children of privilege will be able to get a four year degree from a university. They need to express to people that being a good world citizen makes a safer. That means being more flexible on ecological issues, and world law.

Hell has broken loose at my blog!

All those things though- go against the pockets of Bushco. Energy lobby, pharmaceuticals, defense industry... See, as long as they are beholden to lobbyists and interest groups, this will go on no matter what. No matter who...I think the most CRUCIAL step is to reform campaign finance and contributions. This will not be a magical solution, after all these asswipes get their rewards in other ways (think tanks, etc)But something has to be done. The voter hardly matters now. I agree with you, though LOC and think we're on the same page on this matter. I happen to support Move On and think they are making some important points in throwing this out there.

Comes the revolution, we will legalize the firing squad.

But seriously, too many nominal Democrats have to evolve into creatures with spines. Then we can begin to talk about kicking Republicrats like Joe Lieberman out of the party entirely. Right now we have right wing Democrats and centrist Democrats mostly except for a very few.

If centristl Democrats ever illustrate that they actually stand for anything besides being Republican lite politicos, I think lots of voters would respond favoably.

Meanwhile, a lot the problem stems from the money corrupting all pols, Republicans AND Democrats, and until that problem is solved, we are going to see entirely too much dancing to tunes played by the corporations.

oh yea, I neglected discussing the money thing.

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