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Shoot me once....
Monday, February 13, 2006
Time : 7:49 AM

Funny thing about accidents is that many things are often brought to light. We usually aren't privy to what the Vice president is doing and WHO he is doing them with. I wondered who these people were that are being mentioned in this Cheney shooting incident, so I Googled them.. The results are more interesting than I anticipated. First off Harry Whittington is the head of the Texas Funeral Services Commision. He was appointed by GW Bush, then Governor of Texas, after a minor scandal involving a whistle blower who's case was thrown out after the Bush administration mucked up the works and Sen. John Cornyn, then Texas State prosecutor didn't push for Bush to testify. The case involved prosecuting one of the worlds largest funeral homes, and big Bush campaign donor.

Katharine Armstrong, on the other hand, is a big Texas mucky muck, and lobbyist. It was her family ranch that the VP was on when the accident happened. Her father is a Bush Pioneer, and she has slept over at the Whitehouse. Much more on this family to include ties to Haliburton can be found in the links.

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Comments for Shoot me once....
Notice wherever there's trouble, there's a lobbyist around? Bushwinked.

Glad to see some this old dirt of George's being dredged up because of this.

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