Left of Center: By Yukkione: I messed up my template.. back now
I messed up my template.. back now
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Time : 9:37 AM

I could'nt see the updates to my site. I was pulling my hair out. Finally I just reset my template.. UG!

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i have been getting problems with comments.


Hey, just wanted to let you know. I can't remember If I said this already or not. That I like your banner its great! Also there are ways of removing that blogger search bar. I think its a small code.
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I have been having troubole with comments and also the dates on my posts- so I can't work on a draft and go back to it and change the dates....So I understand that you are having template problems....I am glad that you are back and I also wanted to tell you that your site looks great....
BTW please please go pester Newsguy and plead with him not to leave...

I don't mind the search bar from Blogger. It's part of what ties together the blog comunity, and it's how I found your site. :) I know it can be alittle intrusive. Thanks for the comment on my banner. I do alot of animated gifs and avitars for people in the gaming comunity. I used Bryce 3d, photoshop and animation shop to make this one.

Get a decent XML editor and move your template off of Blogger. I keep mine in a file, edit it there and paste into Blogger when necessary. Much easier to read that way.
  • Posted at 4:45 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Kvatch, What XML editor would you suggest. I'm ok with HTML but XML...

I like your digs too, LOC. But I probably told you that a while back. I think the banner (now the old banner!)was what made me read it and linger, and I guess I haven't shaken you yet! I also liked your profile- good bands.How petty am I, I ask you????:)

AND, I like the way you don't claim to be an all-knowing arrogant pundit tool, who does us this big favor by 'associating'. I was a contributor at a blog when I first started a few months ago and that chick wouldn't even bother with blogs other than the big shots... not even the people who commented faithfully. They were beneath her. Now I am not saying we should read blogs simply out of reciprocity, but at least get to know where people who comment are coming from. I think you are a great writer and blogger, but the disclaimer is endearing in a blogworld where so many people take themselves verrrrry seriously.

Or where they respond to you like you are a kid in second grade. "Oh, good question cute Lily! Let me TRY to explain it in a way you might understand!!!" (pats head)

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