Left of Center: By Yukkione: The great sellout : part II
The great sellout : part II
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Time : 7:12 PM

President Bush staunchly defends this port deal. He says that those that oppose it are acting like national racists. He vowed to veto any bill that would stand in the way of the sale. Come to find out that Bush didnt even know this deal was in the works. What?!!! I suppose we shouldnt be supprised.. When is he ever in the loop. I say Mr Bush, I have a pineapple somewhere with your name on it, so bend over. A foreign owned company should NEVER be allowed to own a defense vital asset of this country. I understand that a British firm has this port responsibility now, and it doesn't make me happy, but the British aren't supporting terrorist. The company that is looking to buy in on our port action is a state owned company, not even a true capitalistic entity. So far no Senator or Congressman has stood with the President on this deal. If the President vetoes, then it will most assuredly be over ridden. President Bush fell off the clue truck long ago. This may be the issue that illustrates this to those Cult of Bush people, that still drink the Kool Aid. John McCain,(Presidential Ass Boy) has come out saying we need to be very reasonable on this issue and give the United Arab Emirates the benefit of the doubt. I guess thats the kind of thing you have to say when the Rove campaign machine has turned over “the name list” to you.

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Comments for The great sellout : part II
I was reading over at Delilah Boyd about how this all ties in with the Carlyle group. Which is surprising only in and of the fact that it's not Halliburton.

LOC- I was thinking of you when Lou Dobbs had the segment about how CNN can't shut up Lou Dobbs! He's getting damn spounky now that the approval ratings are low, eh? Wolf Blitzer with Bill Maher?

I don't know about this one...fixins of something shady...

Bill was laughing at the absurdity of Wolf's questions. It was a precious moment. Carlyle Group? (raises an eyebrow for dramatic effect)

Hey, why don't we nationalize those industries that are vital to our national defense? Like the oil companies, for example. Then we could at least wage war in our own public interest! Hell, we could just go in and steal the shit!

Neil, that sounds vaguely pinko...and we'll have none of that around here.

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