Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sopranos Episode 11
Sopranos Episode 11
Sunday, May 21, 2006
Time : 10:11 PM

Spoilers in Comments

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That one got my heart racing! My dad would discipline me with force when I was a prick, so I liked the way Tony "handled" AJ for a change. Tough love?
Seeing Sil and his buddy give it to Phil's goon was exhilerating too. He asked for it.
I felt bad for Vito, even though he offed an innocent New Englander last week. The gratuitous cruelty was uncomfortable to watch, but hey that's one of the reason's we watch this show, right?

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Oh man , I was like waiting for something to happen when Phil's guy went over there. Then, wow, Silvio and whats his name wack him. Geez! Oh, and it's about time Tony got tough with that little prick AJ

Well I simultaneously watched three shows about the DaVinci code. Hype? Overkill? I think not.

I also caught "History of The World" just in time to see them sing and dance to "The Inquisition."

Chumps pay for HBO.

I saw those to EB. also one about Angels and devils. As to HBO... it's a good value as far as tv goes. Not just the Sopranos but Big Love is excellent. I look foreward to that as much as the Sopranos. Also Enturage, Deadwood, Real Sex, Real Time with Bil Mahr. Sometimes they show a good movie. Also last night they had Baghdad ER. What an incredible show.. very moving. I guess I like being a Chumptard.

Love 'em all, but I'm two weeks behind on the Sopranos, so I'm not reading the comments.

man, oh man, oh man! what a great episode!

How about Syl not wanting to chop him up b/c of DNA? That guy rocks.

Good to see AJ is working too. Lol did I say great episode?

Yea great episode. See Phil L laying in bed with his eyes open schemeing does not bode well for Tony's crew.

oh phil is gonna get whacked i think, NOT tony. tony's going to start hosing up phil's money supply.

aj is a giant piece of steamin' shite and he should have been booted out of the house LONG ago.

i liked carm being able to go to paris too.

please don't forget oz was on hbo. WONDERFUL show. one of the best ever. i loved the wire too but not sure if it was hbo or showtime. the writing was incredible.

Baghdad ER was a good thing for people of America (anyone for that matter) to see. I was so distressed by the end I couldn't talk. I turned to Mr. Sumo and he was choked up too when the young man died. All I could think of was if that were my son and how it would make me feel. He died without his family...yet these caregivers did their best to save him and ease him into the inevitable. Too sad for me.

I saw an interview with the mother of the boy that died at the end of the movie. She was glad to have been able to see her sons last moments. How tragic. How fucking tragic that thats what a mother has to say. Sometimes I wish there was a hell so that people like Bush and Cheny could burn in it.

Well I'm not saying there is nothing good on HBO but I already have too many channels, I can't imagine more choices. What for? So I can have more profanity? I'll be self sufficient and curse to myself.

Wait- there's no hell?

The modern Western understanding of hell derives from the latest period in ancient Israel's history, and it was more fully developed by early Christianity. The chief suggestion of such a place in the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament) is a brief reference in Daniel. The place reserved for the wicked dead was called Gehenna by Jews. Early references depict it as a place of temporary punishment, similar to the Roman Catholic purgatory. By the time Christianity was established, it had become a permanent abode. The torments inflicted there were largely imaginative projections of the worst tortures devised in this world. Eternal fire is the most common punishment, though perpetual cold also has been accepted.

There is no fully developed teaching about hell in the New Testament, though there are frequent mentions of it. Only in the course of later church history was it elaborated into official church doctrine. Today the New Testament statements and their later explanations are taken literally by some Christians, regarded as allegory or myth by some, and denied altogether by others.
  • Posted at 3:53 PM | By Anonymous no-hell mo-tel

There's 2 kinds of hell as far as I'm concerned. 1 is the hell we are having to live because of GEORGE and the other would be death itself visited upon the troops in the desert. Oh...and Cheney ranks in there somewhere too.

Finally got to this episode, and it was a masterpiece. There are so many threads going on this season that each episode feels so dense and rich with detail. However, apart from the family-focused story threads, I gotta say I was absolutely taken with the travelogue photography of Carm & Ro's excellent adventure in Paris. I was there for my honeymoon a little over a year ago, and Mrs. F and I stayed in an apartment just a few blocks from the Roman ruins that the girls toured. There's nothing like Paris, and I can't wait to get back someday soon...

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