Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sunflower and Ladybug
Sunflower and Ladybug
Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Time : 9:22 PM

I took this pic today. I couldnt resist capturing this ladybug as she explored my Sunflower. I used a digital Nikon camera in macro mode.

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Comments for Sunflower and Ladybug
Very well done. How do you like digital photography over analog? Haven't made the leap yet.

Wow...great pic..how many MP is the camera?

I'm all digital now. This camera is just 4MP, But it's a Nikon with a good lens. Alot of cameras have plastic lenses and thats bad. Nikon uses Carl Zeis lenses.. the best. Digital is cheap to, you can really work on your technique and technical skils without spending a fortune in film developing. Thanks
More pics here btw.

wonderful picture...great...

That assclown one tickled my funny bone...no, not that one.

Great site. I would like to link to it from my own - w/your permission.

Eaprez, thank you and feel free. I just dont want to be associated with any unsavory types, you know.. pediphiles, armed robbers, bank Robbers , or Republicans.

I think I fell in love with Dick Cheney...once I saw him on his knees I knew it was love. He's a gob of manliness he is!

that is a beeee-youuuuuu-ti----fulllllllll

i love sunflowers AND ladybugs are the ONLY bugs i'm not afraid of.

oh and i don't go ANYWHERE without my digital camera.

Yes Rose has great pictures on Nutmeg Grater.

I do love this, Shill.

I use the cameras made out of cardboard with a little wheel to turn for advancing.

Sometimes, I splurge and get a flash.

Well except this mugshot.


Taken with a phone in a hallway.

Not my phone though. Don't like those either.


very nice!

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