Left of Center: By Yukkione: Rove dons NSA Spy Suit
Rove dons NSA Spy Suit
Monday, May 15, 2006
Time : 3:33 PM

The NSA, with increased budget and gravitas in the scheme of national security has developed the NetSuit, a nanotech suit that uses hologram technology to actually transport surveillance technicians into the internet. While inside, these brave NSA operatives are able to eavesdrop on Al qaeda communications, and American porn surfing activities. Mr. Rove asked if he could borrow the suit for a short time. He wants to see if Jeff Gannon is cheating on him.

Nice camel toe Carl

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Comments for Rove dons NSA Spy Suit
Kick butt! Shaming Tron like that...(nice fine print too. Yichhh. I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out)

Auuugggh! My eyes are burning. You've left me with an image that will haunt my dreams for years to come.

Can you point out quirky details for the rest of us, Shill?

Scannon, I hear you man. Let us go watch the Simpson's and giggle the horror away!

Someone should beat your ass for posting that picture.

I think Karl looked rather fetching... this could be a new look for him if he gets the right accessories.

That pic of Karl made me laugh, & when 'The Decider' goes on t.v. to say he's sending National Guard troops to the border, the goverment/NSA is spying on our phone calls, deaths in Iraq are constant, & the country is going to shit, a laugh is more valuable than money!!!!
Keep up the great work, comrade!

hmm, such a sexy little number...Gannon must want him now....the bigger Question is does Fitz get him this week?

Look at the unit on that guy!

J.R. where I come from that doesn't qualify for "unit" status.

love it!lt

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