Left of Center: By Yukkione: Hybrid Bear
Hybrid Bear
Thursday, May 11, 2006
Time : 9:42 AM

Like Napoleon Dynamite my favorite animal was a Liger, a breeding of a Tiger and a Lion. But I have now changed my mind. My new favorite animal is now a cross between a Polar bear and a Grizzly bear. I shall call it a Pizzly. Please read about this amazing find here.

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Comments for Hybrid Bear
of course reasearchers, in the Audobon tradition shot the only one they knew of.

l o c you took my very words! asswipe (not you, l o c, the 'sport' hunter that killed the bear)

my favorite animal you are wondering? well i don't know - hard to say, but THIS comes close!

try this link instead

Rose i saw an old film of the last know one of those in captivity. pacing back and forth in a small cage,, quite sad.

God I hate the "sport" of hunting and animals and then blowing their brians out!

All of this breeding going on...

About the liger/pizzly: this says a lot about "species" too--ligers have produced tigligers and litigons and such suggesting that they're the same species rather than "hybrids". The very idea of this guy being a hybrid suggests that there are "pure" Grizzlies and "pure" Polars.

Darwin would call these "races" of course.

Nevertheless, this suggests that indeed, animal variability is a lot less than we might think!

I'm starting to think that all species evolve a helluva lot faster than we typically think.

Thanks for this post--I'm bookmarking that link.

well of course the idiots shot the ONLY one...geez...unreal....and thanks LOC for finding this- beautiful....but so sad... ( of course if they had caught it , it would have just bee held captive and caged and pacing -like that last tasmanian wolf...)

I hate shit like this. I have a bear den on my property and cubs were born there. I don't mess with them, and they just live. Now that the area is becoming so developed with mcmansions at every turn, it is sad that they have few places to go. I like to think they have sanctuary in their spot. But I know better. The other bear had its home blasted out by dynamite.

There are two kinds of hunters, those who kill to feed their families, and then there are these assholes who kill for "sport". If you really wanted to be sporting, you'd put down that gun and take them on with your bare hands. You'd lose, but we'd all be better off.

it is a beautiful creature, too bad some men with small penises had to kill it

How sad we shoot first and gather evidence to support said shooting later...

A Pizzly bear...

Guess that'd make GW a Bushkey. Eh?

yes the film is on the first site i tried to link to. for some reason it will NOT allow me to cut and paste the link and when i typed it out it just didn't work. it was sad indeed.

I'm outraged that they killed it the bastards! Hunters suck...they just cannot let something live. I lived in the State of Washington (4.5 yrs.)and out in the country. Hunters will come from the cities onto peoples property (disregarding 'no hunting signs') and shoot whatever moves. I always had to see to it that my dogs were locked in, because they'll kill your dogs too. They will trespass your property and cut your fencing that keeps horses and cattle within your property just for the sake of getting onto your land to hunt Bambi or his elk uncle.
I got into verbal hunter fights...it was good that I left and came back to California. Hunters...BAH!

Audubon does a lot of habitat conservation work. When they took the controversial position on deer hunting, they did so as protectors of bird habitats because while it is well and good to care about bambi and I do as well, people do not realize that birds that nest in the undergrowth are becoming extinct.

Obviously the root cause is human encroachment, but it is crazy to consider one animal in an ecosystem and not the others. In the case of deer, their numbers have increased but their food sources have become these nesting sites. I do not like hunting but the deer problem is complex.

Audubon's stand was that they look out for birds too, and their preservation. That it is unfair to favor deer at the expense of so many birds. This led some to think that Audubon is now pro-hunting. People that do not belong or read their positions.

What is so sporting about shooting such a beautiful animal? As far as Im concerned the wrong species got shot!!!!!!!

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