Left of Center: By Yukkione: National Popular Vote (NPV)
National Popular Vote (NPV)
Thursday, May 11, 2006
Time : 8:01 AM

What if, in national elections, every vote counted? What if the person who got the most votes won the election? Right now in many states there is a movement for the National Popular Vote ( NPV) Some states have already passed supportive legislation. The electoral college is perhaps past due to be scrapped. It was conceived to give the first thirteen states parity when it came to electing the President of the fledgling country. But here we stand with 50 states and a population of nearly 300 million and a President has been elected with the fewest actual votes. (with a little help from a sympathetic Supreme Court) The New York Times says of the NPV, “"innovative new proposal ... Legislatures across the country should get behind it" . Tom Campbell A California Republican candidate said “The ingenious approach... for the first time, a solution that is achievable. It does not rely on unrealistic assumptions. It can be implemented, if the very people who are relatively disenfranchised in our country will only be awakened to how to do it.” . This approach I believe would empower third parties to stand a better chance of holding offices. Party national conventions will be changed radically. No more silly ass delegates parading around in goofy hats and sporting clever Band Aids. Candidates will actually have to address people. So what do you think? Is it time for change?
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Comments for National Popular Vote (NPV)
WOW, what a great idea...real democracy...real change...and based on a commonsense approach.....sign me up...( or is it count my vote?)

damn skippy.

but i thought the bicameral legislature was created to balance big and small state interests, and that the electoral college was created precisely because the framers of the constitution did NOT want direct democracy (hence a Senate elected by state legislators, as well).

Bush won in 2000. When will you liberals get over it?

Scrap it. Scrap it and recycle it.

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donsky , i can't imagine the possibilities for corruption if we whent back to having the state legislature elect our senators. I almost forgot thats how it used to be.

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